China World Trade Centre, Phase III

Proudly standing imperiously as the tallest building within Beijing and the Central Business District is the World Trade Centre, China. With vast competition regarding skyscrapers and unique architecture within the city, the WTC sits as a refreshing concept to modern building design.

Entry Discussions

The interior functionality and design seamlessly integrates two contrasting sectors, and caters for separate access solutions. A multifunctional ground floor determines a split design with eastern access leading to a hotel, and western access leading to a variety of office space. Factors such as multiple use of a building initiates discussions on pedestrian flow calculations, different types of pedestrian use and of course overall security for building access.

There is always a level of discussion to combine the correct amount of functionality for the design of the solution. In the World Trade Centre's instance, the theme of elegance mixed with practicality was clear which encouraged the product decisions below: A Duotour Revolving Door installation meant for high capacity entry enabling quick access/exit to and from the building, taking into consideration; group flow, luggage, pram use. Integrating sliding doors within the Duotour for those high entry times such as rush hours into the building and leaving hours, stops the revolve and opens the automatic sliding doors.

Product Specification

A special Tourniket Revolving Door measuring at 6.3m high, including a rotation part at 5.5m high and the above door hood at 0.8m.






Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Tourniket, Duotour


Corporate Offices




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