40 Lime Street

An Elegent London Refurbishment.

Serving the London Insurance Market since 1985 is 40 Lime Street, an investment and reinvestment company located within the sought-after vicinity of iconic landmarks such as Lloyds London, 30 St Mary Axe, The Shard, and 20 Fenchurch Street. Now with multiple entrances, the building has enviable frontages onto Lime Street, Fenchurch Avenue and Fen Court. Within this project, the interior and exterior were dramatically changed and enhanced utilising fresh entry and access control security solutions. Contact us to discuss your project today.

40 Lime Street underwent a complete interior office regeneration of all 9 floors and any external space. The primary aim was to create a flexible, inclusive and comfortable work environment. Rejuvenating a previously unused entrance to increase building sqft, with the company now branding itself as the new destination for brokers, with a stylish space to welcome visitors and clients.

Inspirational Workplace Designs.

The lead architect refurbishing the building was MMoserAssociates. A multi-disciplinary firm that boasts continuous award-winning projects through their ‘people’ centric approach to design. Working on an array of projects in an incredibly close proximity to 40 Lime Street, the building designs around the area all have similar concerns regarding street and workplace transitions. As a new entrance was to be created directly on the corner of 40 Lime Street, solutions had to be met in order to meet the security and environmental needs of the building.

An All Glass Revolving Door With a Design Twist.

MMoserAssociates specified a revolving door early into the design stages of Everest RE. With the new entrance sitting in a close proximity to the main street outside, a revolving door was the perfect solution to prevent the outdoor environment entering the building. Working with our London Specification team, it was decided that a Type Three Tourniket would be the best solution aesthetically and functionally. A type three incorporates all the design features of an all glass revolving door (Crystal Tourniket) with the solid canopy of a standard revolving door (Tourniket) allowing the automatic drive to be placed above the door rather thanbeing located within or under the slab.

Customised with a bronze anodised finish and featuring LED halo lighting to the circumference of the canopy, the entrance mirrors the overall feel and design of the interior office space. Additionally, two bronze card readers are located inside and out that house external access control technology for out of office hours entry.

Unobtrusive Security At Its Best.

As a secondary line of control and security, Lifeline Speedlane Slides were installed either side of the reception desk. It’s common for lanes to be placed as a barrier from one area of a building to another. The sliding motion of the lanes offer quick throughput for users, while the green LED indicators guide the users through the lane. Being the slimmest sliding lane in the current market, makes them the perfect option for small entrances which was why they were installed at Everest RE. 

The aesthetics of the lane with black glass and stainless steal sides mirror that of the overall interior design. The stainless steal compliments the raw open ceiling of 40 Lime Street with the glossy black glass mimics the darker tones of the office space.

Project Location

40 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AW

Installation Completion Date

End of 2018 

Architect and Designers

Architect: MMoserAssociates

Project Type

Workplace Renovation

Products Installed

Lifeline Speedlane Swing | Revolving Door


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