Speed Gates


A Sleek and Effective Access Gate System

A speed gate offers users a fast and secure access control system, even when space is limited. Easy to operate and integrate into your building’s overall security, a speed gate provides you with both a sleek and effective access gate system. 

Detect and Deter in style

By investing in the continuous development of our products and services, we have been able to successfully adapt and innovate our access gate systems, including our speed gates. Through effective re-configuring and re-designing, we’ve been able to modernise the standard speed gate into a variety of options, all of which incorporate multiple configuration tools for a truly bespoke entry. 

A Truly Customisable Speed Gate

We understand no two building’s needs are the same, which is why all of our speed gates are fully customisable to meet your needs. From customisable tailgating and throughput options, to recognition readers and biometric systems, we are always expanding our speed gate offerings to continuously provide only the latest in access gate system technology and design. 

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