A Classic High Capacity Revolving Door

The versatile Tournex has many of the same advantages of the Tourniket, but can handle higher capacity applications such as healthcare facilities, universities and airport terminals. The Tournex is available with three or four wings in a variety of different finishes and colours, and with proven technology and versatility, is often used as the basis for stunning special design projects. 

The Tournex can optionally be equipped with a showcase with either straight or concave panels in the centre of the revolving door, which allows you to present to consumers your branding and can be utilised as advertising space; using that moment between the outside and inside environment to welcome visitors to your world. 

Burglary Protection

Keep burglars out and upgrade your revolving door with our burglar protection package. Our RC3 burglar protection shield doors are now updated with a highly durable drive unit with an automated locking system.


  • Save time with automated shield doors compared to manual nightlocking doors.
  • Switch instantly between different operating modes, either day, night or secured.
  • Save extra energy during off-peak times with the automated winter position.

For more information or to learn more about the benefits of this ‘Level Up’ option, download the burglar protection package brochure from the download tab or have a look at our other available protection packages.

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