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Upgrading The Safety of your Revolving Door.

Over time, technology evolves, and more innovative, functional solutions are formed in order to keep the public safely passing through entrance solutions. In reflection, legislation surrounding applicable entrance products also evolved. Back in 2013, compulsory safety standards were formally introduced for automatic pedestrian doors. With this standard, an increased and improved safety measures on all newly manufactured doors.

As the global leader in entrance solutions, we’re proud to state that products prior to the 2013 legislation are still safe. However, we understand that products manufactured prior to 2013 lack the latest innovations in access safety. This is why we designed a bespoke Safety Upgrades package to our existing customers. For more information about what's included in our Safety Upgrade Packages download our brochure here or contact us here.

Exclusive Safety Upgrades Designed for You.

The Boon Edam Safety Upgrades Package allows for those with existing models of revolving door future options. Upgrading and retrofitting your current revolving door can save you cost, time and improve the overall sustainability of your building now, and in the future.

Did You Know?

EU regulations (EN16005) states that to protect the safety of employees and the public it is the building occupier’s responsibility to ensure that equipment or machinery is routinely maintained in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Boon Edam Safety Upgrade Packages.

Our packages offer various benefits and upgrades. The decision will be based on a general assessment of the existing revolving door with one of our service experts. A general assessment will cover a range of considerations such as:

  • Condition.
  • Safety.
  • Functionality.
  • A tailored risk assessment.

We offer three types of upgrade package, some more in depth than others and tailored to your type of revolving door. At Boon Edam, we understand that every entrance, business, building and user is different which is why we truly focus on the wants and needs of you.

Discuss your Safety Upgrade Today.

For more information about what's included in our Safety Upgrade Packages download our brochure here or contact us here.

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