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Upgrading to the Highest Standards 

In 2013 a new European Standard for automatic pedestrian doors was introduced. The EN 16005 legislation sets an increased safety standard for all automatic doors installed after 10th April 2013, to reinforce the safety of users, with a requirement for these standards to be maintained throughout the life cycle of the door. 

However, this does not mean that the door you had installed in the past is no longer safe, but it is recommendable to remain up to date with the latest innovations and technologies and be as safe as you can be.

Although EN 16005 is not required for doors that were installed before April 2013, it is recommended that all doors not up to date with the standard are identified during your next service call.  We can then offer you the possibility to upgrade to the new safety standard level. 

Did you know…?  As the owner, you are responsible for ensuring your automatic door continues to meet the EU regulation for safety.  





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