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Making Your Revolving Door Greener.

Originally designed offering protection from air loss within buildings, revolving doors offer a multitude of environmental and cost benefits. However, even with well-insulated buildings almost half of the air loss occurs around windows and doors. With revolving doors being the best solution to combat air-loss there is still room for improvement in order to make your entrance as green as possible. 

As a leader in entrance solutions and one of the first manufacturers of revolving doors, we know that product innovation is key for sustainability. This is why as of 2013 all elements tied with our Green Retrofit Package come as standard on all newly manufactured doors. However, we understand that products manufactured prior to 2013 might not have the same benefits. This is why we created an exclusive Green Retrofit Package for our existing Boon Edam customers. For more information about what's included in our Green Retrofit Packages download our brochure here or contact us here.

Exclusive Green Retrofit Options Tailored for You.

The Boon Edam Green Retrofit Package is a completely tailorable solution, that way you get the upgrade you require. Select the upgrades you want, or purchase an entire package, it’s up to you. Our nationally based Service Experts are able to discuss any queries you have in more detail. Upgrading and retrofitting your current revolving door can save you cost, time and improve the overall sustainability of your building now, and in the future.

Did You Know?

EU regulations (EN16005) states that to protect the safety of employees and the public it is the building occupier’s responsibility to ensure that equipment or machinery is routinely maintained in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Customise Your Green Retrofit.

As every revolving door and every building is different, the Green Retrofit Package offers you the possibility to pick and choose the features that impact the energy efficiency of your building most. Possible improvements include:

  • One Direction Motion sensors
  • Smart lighting control
  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Special horse hair draught strips to improve air permeability

Discuss your Green Retrofit Package Today.

For more information about what's included in our Green Retrofit Packages download our brochure here or contact us here.



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