Automatic Door Upgrade


Adapt to Your Buildings Requirements 

 It is common that the use of a building may change over time, potentially resulting in an increase in the number of visitors to the building or perhaps heightened security requirements. 

In these cases we are able to provide relevant upgrades to your existing revolving door to suit your new requirements and make it more efficient.  

A number of upgrade options are available: 

Semi-automatic: Installation of a unit that provides assisted rotation, making the door leaf considerably lighter to push by the user whilst controlling the speed at which it can turn.  Once the user has exited the door, it slowly rotates to the set home position. 

Automatic: The installation of an automatic drive along with accompanied sensors and necessary safety elements. 

Automatic and secure: Implementation of the automatic upgrade as above, with the additional of increase security access options to allow only authorised visitors to enter. 


Contact us for more information on automatic door upgrades and to discuss the right options for you.  

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