Turnlock 200


Full-height turnstiles are often thought of like a rugged, high-reliability solution for outdoor locations. However, the Turnlock 200 proves that a full-height turnstile can be simple, reliable and elegant. The Turnlock 200 has a clear and open appearance, due to its polycarbonate barrier and shield construction.

The Transparent Interior Revolving Turnstile

Appearance within a building is just as important as functionality – people are influenced by how an area is designed and how it makes them feel. Having an indoor full-height turnstile sends a clear message to the visitor that they are about to enter a restricted area. The Turnlock 200 portrays this message in such a way that is both welcome and secure and provides a wonderfully balanced low security solution. This entrance is ideally suited for areas where there are no security guards, yet only authorised passage forward is permitted.

Clear And Solid Security

The transparent design of the Turnlock 200 makes it the solution of choice for any interior application where deterring tailgating is of concern. Traffic flow is two-way, but one direction at a time. Users must stop and wait their turn before proceeding through the revolving turnstile. Even for interior use, there are specific applications where a rugged security turnstile is the best choice. The fact that this solution forms an obstacle means that it fulfils the function of deterring any unwanted and unauthorised entries.

Control Your Access. Step Up Your Security Level

The Turnlock 200 has the option of a universal access control panel known as BoonTouch. This feature allows remote operation and management of the secure entry point from a reception or security desk at the push of a button. This user-friendly interface allows each entry to be operated individually or simultaneously – as the situation demands and shows any security breach instantly. The control panel can operate any combination of up to 6 security access solutions and is compatible with most of the solutions in our product range.

Suggested Segments for Revolving Turnstiles

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Leisure / recreation
  • Corporate offices

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