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Increasing the Longevity of your Entrance Investments.

For over 140 years, our experience in engineering excellence has allowed us at Boon Edam to develop and fine-tune our services that focus on you, and the sustainable lifecycle of your Boon Edam products. That's why we're one of the founding members of ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association). Employing our own fully trained and dedicated service maintenance experts, we continuously invest in our in-house technicians and engineers. This is to make sure that you receive the best possible service, with minimal product downtimes and of course, a maintained high-quality investment.

Stay Breakdown Prepared, Always.

We believe that all investments need protection for product continuity, that’s why all products manufactured by us, at Boon Edam, will have the ability to be supplied with a Service & Maintenance Agreement. Due to the nature of our product line, it is recommended that all products are regularly serviced, so that your investments continue to serve their purpose without disruption. 

Preventative Service and Maintenance Designed for You.

Prevent breakdowns through our dedicated Service Agreement Team who are located at our UK Head Office, ensuring that your products are fully maintained throughout their lifecycles. Make sure you receive the right level of maintenance and protection to fit your needs. With regular preventative service and maintenance, the risk of unexpected breakdowns is minimised, the lifespan of your product is extended significantly. And, because we have national coverage with dedicated regional experts, you can expect a more efficient yet, premium experience.

Service and Maintenance Agreements.

As our entrance products are often installed at main entrances and high security areas, we recognise that professional installation and rapid response times in the event of a breakdown are essential. Our service and maintenance agreements provide you with the cover and comfort of knowing continued safe entrance operation is achievable at all times.

Our dedicated Service Agreement Team are here to ensure that your products are fully maintained throughout their lifecycles and that you’re getting the right level of maintenance and protection to fit your needs. And, because we have national coverage with dedicated regional experts, you can expect a more efficient yet, premium service. 

The Boon Edam Service:

  • Customised maintenance options
  • Rapid response times
  • Nationally based engineers
  • Guaranteed availability of parts 
  • British safety standard checks
  • Agreement Options 

Did you Know?

EU regulations (EN16005) states that to protect the safety of employees and the public it is the building occupier’s responsibility to ensure that equipment or machinery is routinely maintained in line with manufacturers recommendations.

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For full details on all Service & Maintenance Agreements, please see the downloads tab or contact our dedicated Service Team on 01233 505 050 or use the contact form located on the right.

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