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The newest development within the Boon Edam Limited range of swing barrier gates now solves the issues concerning a lack speedgate customisation. The Speedlane Compact UK delivers the fundamental security features of the standard Compact whilst enabling customers to level-up on cabinet aesthetics and technology. Designed within the United Kingdom for the United Kingdom, you are now able to design the perfect security solution locally.

Speedlane Compact UK: A Proudly British Collection of Swing Barrier Speed Gates

The Speedlane Compact UK variations are modern and unique additions to the Boon Edam range of security solutions. Increasing security levels within the valuable areas of your building with aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology in mind. The minimal footprint and choice of cabinet shapes truly means there is now no need to compromise on style or security.

Swing barrier gates within the United Kingdom have increased in popularity as work and public spaces become dense in traffic. The Speedlane Compact UK designs offer not only increased security and support for staff whose roles it is to secure buildings; but also offers specifiers and security consultants alike to create solutions that benefits both building design while mitigating risk.

Swing Barrier Gate Customisation in Design and Aesthetics

The Speedlane Compact UK variations have been designed with British style in mind. The choice of cabinet shapes, edges, materials, colours, length, and technology leaves no stone unturned within design opportunities.

Featuring all the latest technology from the original Speedlane Compact, all UK variations feature premium integrated technology of tailgating detection and safety sensors. With further customisation customers can chose on whether they will require LED indicators on the front of cabinets or card placement indicators. The choice is yours.

Easy to Design, Effective and Secure Speedgate

The Speedlane Compact UK can be described as ‘simple’ or ‘with ease’. These terms describe the process rather than the product capabilities. Design with ease, integrate with ease, simply adaptable. Offering full flexibility throughout the design, manufacturing and installation process means that maintaining delivery turnaround times are incredibly attractive.

Honest communication for bespoke product design is imperative to us.

More Information on the Speedlane Compact UK

The Speedlane Compact UK is a beautiful range of swing barrier gates that compete against other conventional security solutions.

Key Aesthetic Upgrades

  • Cabinet Shape – From square ends to tapered designs.
  • Cabinet Length – A range of lengths ensuring you received the best tailgating detection.
  • Cabinet Colour – Variety of material colours
  • Cabinet Material – Bespoke options for a range of materials.
  • User Indication – LED indication options at the top of ends of cabinets

How the Process Works

Select from five pre-configured cabinet designs and customise your way through the cabinet. Our expert team of specification and business development managers can guide you through the process, enabling you to see materials, colours, and previous installation inspiration.





Due to our success over the years with the now discontinued bespoke 900 series of security speedgates, our British team understand the market, the wants and needs of customers and entire customisation process.

Contact Your Local Entry Expert

Do you need help in determining the best swing barrier gate solution for your security entrance?

Download the full product range or one of our datasheets to browse all standard designs, dimensional specification, and aesthetic level-ups. Or you contact your local UK entry expert for further advice.

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