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Level-Up the Aesthetics on our Narrowest Speedgate.

For many years, we within the UK have successfully designed with our client’s beautiful security solutions that combined bespoke aesthetics with product functionality. Paying homage to our now discontinued Speedlane 900 range of security turnstiles, we have released a new range of bespoke turnstiles. Manufactured from our latest product release, The Speedlane Compact, our clients within the UK can now create a beautiful, bespoke product once again.            

A Proudly Bespoke British Collection.

Utilising the full internal functionality of The Speedlane Compact, our UK based clients have the ability to Level-Up on their cabinet aesthetics through 5 pre-set standard designs. These designs give you the ability to upgrade:

  • Cabinet Length
  • Cabinet Height
  • Cabinet end shapes
  • Cabinet colour
  • Top of cabinet material
  • User Indication
  • Flooring/Mount
  • Access Control

Select From Five Pre-Configured Cabinet Designs.

With 5 pre-set cabinet models, each with an individual style you can choose the perfect base for customisation. Select from tapered or squared edges; glass top and end strips; user indication selection; cabinet colours in RAL, bronze, anodised and much more.


Request More Information Today.

Do you need more information in determining the perfect design for your Speedlane Compact UK Edition? Download the full product range or one of our datasheets to browse all standard designs, dimensional specification, and aesthetic level-ups. Or you contact your local UK entry expert for further advice.

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