Swedish Shopping Mall Chooses Energy Efficient Entry Solution from Boon Edam

For a long time the Swedish shopping mall, Flanaden, has been part of an extensive modernization project. One major part of the modernization project was the creation of a spectacular energy efficient entry solution, allowing more stores and more visitors to enter. Property owner Kuststaden Fastigheter AB, together with Atrio Architects chose to recreate the entry with a uniquely designed, six meter tall revolving door by Boon Edam, the ultimate choice for making a statement at the very first moment for the visitor. As well as a lasting first impression, the energy saving benefits of the revolving door aid in creating a perfect indoor climate. “We are happy and proud to be able to be a part of the amazing improvements that has been made in the shopping mall. It’s great to see that Flanaden has chosen to combine the environment-friendly benefits of a revolving door with the unique design possibilities it offers. Together we’ve created an energy efficient, modern entrance solution that fits a modern mall”. says Ulf Stenborg, Managing Director, Boon Edam Sweden AB. The project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014. Read more about our revolving door product range here.  

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Energy Saving Entrance Products from Boon Edam at Ecobuild 2014

Exhibiting for the second year in a row, visitors to stand N940/41 will find Boon Edam demonstrating the energy saving benefits of the revolving door, as well as showcasing how you can achieve sustainability through security, whilst maintaining high design.  For over 140 years Boon Edams revolving doors have helped conserve energy within buildings entrances by reducing heat loss and preventing drafts. Boon Edam will be highlighting the ‘always open, always closed’ benefits that revolving doors have on energy consumption to visitors on their stand. Through live smoke tests taking place throughout the day on their stand, the benefits of installing or retrofitting an existing revolving door can be experienced first-hand.  They will also be previewing a new design of one of their most popular security speed gate products, the Swinglane 900 High, which shows that securing a buildings entrance whilst encompassing high design is possible.  Visitors to stand N940/41 will be the first to see the refreshed product, which is an outcome of the company responding to feedback and requests from customers.   Understanding that creating and installing the correct entrance products within a building is vital, Boon Edam works closely with their clients to determine their individual requirements in order to develop a solution that is customised, whilst taking into consideration sustainability, security and service.    Ecobuild is an international event attracting visitors from across the World. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the 2014 show is taking place at Excel London from 4th to 6th March and is expected to welcome over 45,000 visitors through its doors across the three days. Ecobuild is always a great place to experience new and innovative products and materials.    Visit Boon Edam on stand N816, where you will find the team demonstrating energy saving benefits of a revolving door, and find out more about their product range.  

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Boon Edam Helps Achieve First BREEAM-NOR Excellent Status

Schweigaards Street 21 and 23 in the Norwegian capital of Oslo is the first building to be awarded the prestigious sustainable building BREEAM-Nor ‘Excellent  Design and Projecting’ certificate. It is one of the first buildings to take part in a project to implement international sustainable building standards in Norway. Sustainable Building Schweigaards Street 21 and 23 were developed by real estate agency ROM Eiendom to house the headquarters of insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring ASA and the Norwegian National Railway company. As part of a project to implement international sustainable building standards in Norway, the building aimed to be a benchmark for green projecting. The project paid particular attention to the user experience as well as the environmentally friendly properties. Sustainable Design In a well-insulated building as much as 50% of all energy loss occurs through and around doors and windows; the entry was therefore an important part in ensuring the sustainability of the new buildings. The ROM Eiendom, together with Lund & Slaatto architects and Skanska Norge AS, the main contracter, therefore contacted global market leader Boon Edam to advise them on the entry. Sustainable Entry A revolving door is the most environmentally friendly entry solution in the world. Although a revolving door is always open to visitors, it remains closed to outside influences such as heat and cold. As the conditioned inside air is not displaced, less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable inside climate. For Schweigaards street 21 and 23 the Duotour two wing revolving door was chosen as the main entry as it offered the perfect balance of energy saving properties while still maintaining comfortable access for people with special needs as per the Norwegian building regulations. “We are proud to be a part of such an innovative project in Norway.” says Bjørn Petter Korsedal, Account Manager with Boon Edam AS, “Buildings have a major effect on our environment and by building sustainably we can therefore make a contribution to halting global warming. We can only applaud the efforts by ROM Eiendom and other companies like them that help implement sustainable building standards such as BREEAM and LEED.” For more information, please contact:Caroline GentzelMarketing Manager

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Converting Human Power into Electric Energy

‘Combining the revolving door energy saving technology with an energy generating concept to create the ultimate energy saving entrance’ Edam, The Netherlands, 1st February 2012 - Royal Boon Edam International B.V., has today unveiled its new Energy Generating Revolving Door, the NRG+ 2. The new NRG+ 2 Tourniket combines revolving door technology with an energy generating concept which has enabled Boon Edam to create the ultimate ‘green’ entrance, with a product that not only saves energy but also generates energy. Having tinkered with the idea of an Energy Generating Revolving Door for more than a decade, Boon Edam released the world’s first Energy Generating Revolving Door in 2008. Following the success of this first model (NRG+), the company continued to develop the energy generating concept and now releases the NRG+ 2. Dirk Groot, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. comments, “Customers’ responses to the world’s first Energy Generating Revolving Door were very positive. Now we have developed a more efficient solution using the latest technology and added it to the Boon Edam product portfolio” The NRG+ 2 features a new energy generating system; up to 50% higher power output; progressive speed control; improved feedback indicators; flexibility in design and the ability to connect solar power. This combination of features offers an Energy Generating Revolving Door with better functionality and a higher power output to save more energy and therefore more money. The Energy Generating Revolving Door will give those entering your building the first impression of your organisation, an organisation that is conscious of environment and one which is contributing to saving energy by using the latest technology. By interacting with the NRG+ 2, the user can be satisfied that their human power is not going to waste and that it will be converted into energy, which in turn will be used to power the lights within the door. For more information, visit the Boon Edam website:, or contact: For additional information:  Dirk Groot, Product Manager -  

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Boon Edam implements environmentally friendly coating technique

As the acknowledged world market leader in revolving doors, Boon Edam is continuously looking for innovative new ways to improve the company’s sustainability. Early 2011 the company was one of the first companies in the world to introduce a new and environmentally friendly technique to prepare the metal of their door systems for powder coating. In the past, as with all coating techniques throughout the world, Chromium was used to prepare the metals and create a strong adversion base for further processing. However Chromium is a toxic substance that needs to be handled with care and can have a strong impact on the environment if not properly disposed of. Boon Edam has now introduced a new technique using Zirconium. The new process results in the same high quality base for coating but with far less risk to Boon Edam employees and the environment. In fact the Zirconium is so environmentally friendly that any waste can be disposed off directly through the sewers after standard pH-testing. Daniëlle Bakker, Quality Assurance Manager, says; ‘At Boon Edam we have a long heritage in manufacturing entrance solutions with a positive environmental impact. We take our responsibility seriously and having now taken the next step with our manufacturing process, we will continue to research new and improved ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business processes.’ For additional information:Michelle WortelMarketing ManagerRoyal Boon Edam International B.V.+31 (0) 299 38 08 00   

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