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Ashford, Kent - 25 February 2021 - Boon Edam Limited, the UK subsidiary of global market leaders Royal Boon Edam International B.V. in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, talk with their first National Service Sales Manager, Kelly Richardson.

Introducing Kelly Richardson.

Beginning her Boon Edam journey back in 2013 Kelly landed her first role as a Service Desk Co-ordinator, she states “I originally came to Boon Edam on a temporary basis, it was role that allowed me to get one foot in the door of a new industry, as I’d recently decided to switch my career path.” She goes onto explain “after 9 months in the role, I moved over to the repairs department as a Repair Sales Coordinator and then within two years, I’d become the Sales Office Manager”.

Employee development is a vital part of the Boon Edam culture, not just within the United Kingdom but internationally. That is why many of our employees have the opportunity to work with other subsidiaries and vice versa, it is a culture that truly embodies our motto of ‘Working Better Together’ and ‘One Boon’.

The National Service Sales Manager

“In 2019, I landed the role of National Service Sales Manager, a role that was created due to the over-achieving success of the entire aftersales department” Kelly mentions. The role of a National Service Sales Manager entails:

  • Managing the day-to-day activities of the aftersales department

  • Reporting

  • Reviewing aftersales processes

  • Reviewing employee development

  • Management of preferred supplier status

  • Liaising with aftersales customers

Kelly explains “I’ve been incredibly lucky in that my development was greatly and solely influenced by my line manager at the time. My line manager had many years of experience within the industry and saw potential in me. I developed under his guidance for a little over 6 years.”

Kelly’s line manager was then, Ian Goldsmith the previous Head of Sales for Boon Edam Limited. Ian’s journey was a dedicated one, and his experience within sales captured the eyes of our Group Office, Royal Boon Edam International. Ian is now the Global Sales and Service Manager for Boon Edam International.

Building a Growing Aftersales Department

Managing Repair Sales including Retrofits and Agreement Sales, Kelly’s aftersales department consists of 11 team members in comparison to the 6 members of staff back in 2013. “I started to see growth within the department after becoming an Office Manager” she explains, “We began the process of adding more structure to the department and ensuring both internal and external employees had support. This is why each individual within regional field sales has a supporting office member. It’s been a winning strategy ever since.” 

The entire department consists of both internal sales members and external field sales executives. Collaboration is key to the success of most departments at Boon Edam and being able to build those relationships between field-based employees and office-based employees.

Planning Ahead and Advice

It’s been a successful journey that has not been without its struggles, Kelly says “I’d like to keep the department growing consistently, every day is a school day and even today I have so much more to learn. I will never stop giving 100%.”

There has been an increasing drive to encourage more women to join the construction and security industry, Kelly explains “I would tell my younger self to get stuck in sooner, stand out in the crowd and never let yourself be overlooked in crowds where you feel like the odd one out.” She carries on saying “I think I became successful in my role because fitting in was not enough, I had a vision and a drive to conceptualise it. In the future I would love to nurture individuals and spot potential, just like someone once did to me.”

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