BCO National Awards 2018

BCO National Awards 2018 and Boon Edam Collaborations

  Each year British Council for Offices (BCO) highlights the most notable project of the year and, to highlight the maximum potential in architecture & fitouts these are split into regions with the most prestigious of awards being voted on a National scale. Here we highlight the big winner projects Boon Edam was fortunate to collaborate on:  National Winners of 2018  North of England, North Wales & Northern Ireland National Winner Commercial Workplace Award | Number One Kirkstall Forge, Leeds Products Installed: Security Lanes & Revolving Doors |   Architects:  Cooper Cromar  Image Source: YorkshirePostNoted as 'one of the most inspiring regeneration projects in the north of England and potential the UK' by BCO is Number One Kirkstall Forge. This is the first development within Yorkshire to achieve a 'Platinum' certification by the Wired Score as well as achieving an EPC 'A' & BREEAM 'Excellent' accreditation. Winning the National Commercial Workplace Award 2018 has set Leeds in the headlights as they bid to secure the Department for Transport support for a new train station. The BCO panel was wowed by the persistence and time put into listening to stakeholders and residents thoughts regarding the area and its needs.  "The project features a site-wide transport plan, which includes new bus and rail services along with enhanced footpath and cycleway connectivity, a car share scheme and cycle and scooter hire." - BCO   Discover more about Kirkstall Forge here or discuss your project with our Northern team today.  London National Winner Refurbished / Recycled Workplace Award | Plexal Here East, QE Olympic Park Products Installed: Security Lanes & Revolving Doors |   Architects:  Hawkins \ Brown  Image Source: CoStarUKUtilising existing buildings that formed part of the 2012 London Olympic stadium is Here East. The 1.2M sq ft of unused spaced has been recycled into state-of-the-art office space, adding an untraditional workspace for the Stratford area. Now one of many accomplished awards, Here East is successfully regenerating a community using tech facilities from the old broadcasting house located on site. Bridging together SMB's and larger corporations with a community feel, it's no wonder why BCO awarded the large workspace a National award title for Refurbished \ Recycled Workplace 2018.    "The project’s approach to the mix of functions, from both co-working and business space incubators to a data centre, television studios, and university space, was described by the judges as a model for future projects." - BCO    Discover more about Plexal Here East here or discuss your project with our London team today.   

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Boon Edam Launches High Security Connection Portal

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Circlelock Combi, a half portal which attaches to an existing door – therefore transforming the entrance into a high-security entrance capable of protecting against both unauthorised entries and piggybacking.   The Smart Choice in Ultimate Security Entrances Renovation and construction costs can escalate quickly when locking down a highly sensitive area. Now you can attach the Circlelock Combi easily and quickly to either the secure or non-secure side of an existing swing door. The working principle is as follows: On authorisation, the portal’s interlocking door slides open allowing a user to enter the portal. An integrated security system confirms whether the user is alone and if so, the swinging door is unlocked, enabling passage into the secure area. A secondary biometric system such as facial recognition (by others) can be used to confirm identity inside the portal. Highest Protection The product’s developers and R&D department have answered the need for the highest level of unauthorised entry prevention at an unmanned area with this interlocking security portal. Using the most innovative and up-to-date technologies on the market, including the StereoVision piggybacking detection system, this security access solution offers complete peace-of-mind when it comes to keeping people and valuables safe and secure. Integration Opportunities As part of the development of the Circlelock Combi, our team have researched at length ways to ensure easy and effective integration with third parties technologies such as biometrics and ACS. This is over-and-above the already built-in systems such as advanced sensors and accurate identification systems which only allow one person in the portal per authorisation. Many areas, for example in a datacentre, have a certified fire-rated door installed and integrated with an ACS; the door can then easily be interlocked with the Circlelock Combi in just a few days – thus creating a fire-rated, high-security entrance. Dirk Groot, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We are proud to now be able to offer our customers a safe, yet convenient-to-install-solution for highly critical areas in their building. The small footprint and space-saving features that the Circlelock Combi offers make it a welcome addition to the high-security family." Visit to learn more about the Circlelock Combi Interlocking Half Portal.   For Further Information, Please Contact: T +44 (0)1233 505 900E

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A night to shine by Pilgrims Hospices

Boon Edam Ltd Sponsor A Night to Shine - Pilgrims Hospices

Due to its success back in 2017, Pilgrims Hospices has carried on their 'A Night to Shine' 3 - 6-mile walk with Boon Edam Limited being happy sponsors for 2018. A Walk Under the Stars  Pilgrims Hospices has been a chosen charity for Boon Edam Limited for many years as we continue to help raise funds for a cause that lies close to the companies hearts.   The popular night-time walk helps to raise vital funds which will support local hospice care as well as bringing together multiple communities and families who have shared similar experiences with loved ones.  Starting at The Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford, participants and Boon Edam employees will start a stunning lit 3 - 6 miles walk in the night-time to help remember what Pilgrims Hospices is about and why we need to come together to support this life-changing hospice.   Discovering Pilgrims Hospices  Pilgrims Hospices began 35 years ago with the vision of being able to supply nursing to one entire village.  Now in 2018 that one vision has created over 200 Pilgrims nurses and therapists who support thousands of people facing terminal diagnosis to live will in every single moment.  Speaking with Victoria on the tour of Ashford’s hospice, she highlights the importance of helping people look forward to their life whether that’s through improving their mobility or helping them achieve something for the very last time.    Those who are involved within the hospice also have family support, as there is a large emphasis on making good, happy memories to look back on removing the cold and clinical stigma behind the end of life care.  To read more about their vision and values click here. Read up about how our Velo fundraising went! Boon Edam Ltd Celebrates Cycling 100 Miles in Aid of Pilgrims Hospices, Get to know the Velo100 team

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Boon Edam Launches Sleek Access Control Pedestal Mount

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal mount, an attractive and welcoming addition to the Speedlane Lifeline series of speed gates. Sophisticated and Secure The Lifeline Boost comes in response to the many requests received for a well-designed, innovative, and unobtrusive pedestal to accommodate a long list of authorisation technologies and complement the existing Lifeline Speedlane series. The Lifeline Boost has been engineered with the comfort of the end-user in mind; it is ergonomic, at a comfortable height and features the classic tapered V-shape synonymous with the Lifeline Speedlane series and of course, offers the same outstanding energy savings features our customers have come to expect from Boon Edam. Using modern and intuitive technology, the Lifeline Boost pedestal mount guides each visitor through to their destination without delay or inconvenience. As with the Lifeline Speedlane series, a selection of proven and intuitive light symbols indicate what the visitor needs to do next, from their initial approach, through the authorisation steps and their exit into the secured side. Flexible Combinations with ‘Plug ‘n Play’ Convenience The latest Lifeline Boost access control pedestal is available in two models: Standard Premium        : Suitable for the integration of a card reader, barcode reader or biometric devices. Card Collector              : Suitable to integrate a third-party card collector device. In addition to accommodating a wide variety of authorisation technologies, the Boost pedestal is easy and fast to install due to its unobtrusive, enclosed raceway that can house electrical and ACS conduit along the surface of any finished floor. Its small footprint and sleek design complement the clean lines of the Lifeline Speedlane speed gate with minimal visual impact. Premium User Experience Users will find the Boost uncomplicated and intuitive to operate as they provide their credentials and then pass through the speed gate. Intuitive LED lights detect the visitor approaching and guide them through clearly and easily – without any compromise to the journey flow. The directional indicator symbols stand out beautifully against the premium dark, tempered glass and installation do not require any cables to go through the floor. Daan van Beusekom, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We believe in creating welcome and secure security access solutions and saw there was a need to develop a pedestal to enable more integration possibilities for the Lifeline Speedlane series. The new Lifeline Boost fulfils this mission - it is streamlined and compact – with the same ergonomic and sleek features of the Lifeline Speedlane series – and can accommodate almost any authorisation technology available. We’re proud to launch this clever and compact addition to the family." Visit to learn more about the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal mount. For Further Information, Please Contact: E: 01233 505 900    

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The National Space Centre with Boon Edam Limited

Boon Edam Limited Send a Teddy into Space

Hosted by Woodhead Group at the National Space Centre located in Leicester, we became part of the Sent into Space event through sponsoring an object to be sent into space!  On the 14th of June 2018, two of our Area Sales Managers watched as a teddy was sent to the edge of space.  So how did it go? The natural latex weather balloon is filled with helium with the payload (in the case a teddy and nut & bolt set) with multiple GPS sensors. The weather balloon will travel to ‘near space’ which is 65,00 feet above the earth at which point the helium will increase to the size of 2 double-decker buses and then this will bust. The payload has a parachute which allows it the float to earth and then Sent into Space can collect this. After over 350 launches they have not lost a single balloon! Using weather reports they can predict the return position within 1-2 miles, local school pupils have run a competition to predict the exact location and the winner will keep the teddy. The Nut and Bolt will form part of the building fabric. Watch the journey  

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Custom Project Wins RIBA London Awards 2018

A 50 story skyscraper designed for British Land by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners that now stands as a prominent landmark in the City of London has won the RIBA London Award 2018 A Unique Addition to London's Jumbled Skyline Sitting next to the famous Lloyd's building, designed to be slanted, diminishing at the top of the building, offering views through to St Paul's Cathedral from areas such as Fleet Street.   Comprising of high-quality office space designed to be available for single and multi tenancies with multiple floors of public space.   The public space includes a half-acre extension which lies opposite the piazza of St Helen's Square.  Overlooking the extension is a restaurant and public bar, served by glazed lifts. One of the Largest Reception Areas in the City For those working and walking along Square Mile, can experience the seamless transition from the street into the building, through escalators which offer direct access to the building from the ground level public space, a first executed design concept to be seen in London.   Integrating directly with the KONE lifts installed, the main reception features 8 lift destination bespoke Swinglanes and 2 Winglock 900's customised in corrian cladding with glass turnstile support. Project Information Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Completion Date: 2014Boon Edam Products: Swinglane 900 Recognised Awards:RIBA London Award 2018RIBA National Award 2018 For further information, please contact:T +44 (0)1233 505 900E:  

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