Speed Gates Lifeline Series from Boon Edam

Introducing Intuitive Speed Gates

Have you heard about our new Speedlane Lifeline series of speed gates? Made with intuitive design in mind, the series consists of three models: the Swing, the Slide and the Open, each of which are available in an array of finish and function options to suit any specification. A Speed Gate With a Life of its Own The three models show an increased awareness and interactive quality towards users and the environment; their ‘Lifeline’ name is an indication that the product is alive and living. Firstly, the speed gate automatically detects when a user is approaching and awakens its symbols and pulsating lights to guide the user through accordingly. When a user is no longer present, the speed gate returns to a sleep mode to save energy. User-friendly Access Systems Upon detection of a user, the Speedlane flashes a pulse of light along the unit to draw the eye up. A modern arrow symbol directs the user to walk forward as a panel lights up, inviting the user to present a valid access pass. Upon authorisation, the barrier opens and the user is guided through by a pulse of light travelling across the lane. The cycle is complete and the speed gate is ready for the next user. Flexible Design Options We understand that each installation is different. So, we developed the Lifeline modular systems to be highly customisable. Each Speedlane comes with an array of dimensional and glass options, which can be applied to create any combination – whether it’s for a high level of security, or for disabled access. The Speedlane’s distinct black glass top achieves a sleek appearance and the finish of the cabinet can be customised to the latest design trends or preferred taste. Whether the goal is to make a statement, blend in with a brand identity or create a harmonious interior design, the Lifeline series achieves eye-catching access solutions for any building. Additional Security Measures All models in the Lifeline series can be set up as single or multiple lanes, with jump-over detection sensors available as an upgrade. BoonTouch, a universal control panel, is used to operate the speed gates remotely from a security desk or reception area. BoonTouch can operate any combination of up to six security access solutions; its user-friendly interface means individual lanes, multiple lanes and an alarm system can all be controlled at once. Complete Entry Solutions In addition to security lanes, Boon Edam manufactures complete entry solutions. From revolving doors, security doors, turnstiles and access gates to maximise the security of an entrance. With 140 years of experience in creating quality engineered entrance products, Boon Edam endeavours to deliver future proof entry solutions by working closely with the client to meet their requirements. For more information, visit 

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Fortnum and Mason London project

Boon Edam United Kingdom Releases a Digital Platform of Inspiration

Last week saw the launch of a new online platform in the United Kingdom. Boon Edam Limited has been hard at work the past few months producing inspiring content aimed specifically at architects. Showcasing Entrance Projects in Top London Locations The digital editorial platform provides the visitor with high quality content based around our two major areas of expertise – bespoke revolving doors and security barriers. We go inside the workings of the esteemed department store, Fortnum and Mason and speak to their Head of Property as well as bring you insights from the Senior Architect at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – Katharine Briggs. View the Video, Listen to the Interviews and Download the Case Study Here Effective Aesthetics in the Financial District Collaborating with our architectural and security partners has given us in-depth knowledge about the rising need to create a secure entrance environment without any sacrifice on design. There is a growing trend evolving around architects rising up to the challenge of conscious and responsible design. The digital platform goes into depth about this movement where the visitor can download the trend report and watch a video which will leave you convinced that security is on-trend. See the Inspirational Pieces Here “Myself and my team are available to guide you through the process from conceptualisation, engineering, installation and beyond, “says David Godden-Duske, Architectural Consultant, Boon Edam Limited. “We have some super inspirational stories and ideas to share to ensure your project not only meets the requirements, but shines head and shoulders above aesthetic expectations.” The brand new inspirational platform is available to all and can be explored here:  The Inspirational Platform

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PHRAS Swansea Tourlock

Boon Edam provide secure entry solution for Pharm Research Associates

Pharm Research Associates Ltd is a research centre founded in 1996, which provides commercial, physical and biological research and development. Having previously appointed global entry experts Boon Edam to install a Crystal Tourniket revolving door at its Head Offices in Reading, Pharm Research Associates approached the entry specialists once again to refurbish the entrance at its facility based in Swansea. Prior to the refurbishment, the entrance at the Swansea site had a revolving door installed which was not a Boon Edam product. The pre-existing door was beginning to lose functionality and Pharm Research Associates required an upgraded replacement. Business Challenges Pharmaceutical companies require enhanced levels of security due to sensitive data held on site. There is always a critical need to monitor and control who is entering the building, to ensure unauthorised access and security risks are prevented. Besides requiring an access control solution to support the company’s high security requirements, there is a more general need for the traffic flow of people entering and exiting the building to be controlled.   The client worked closely with Boon Edam to establish potential threats and ensure the appropriate level of security was incorporated into the entry solution. It was important for the entry solution to be correct, not only to meet the buildings requirements but also to fit with the existing culture. Initially, there was concerns from on-site employees about the perceived access issues brought on by heightened security measures. The Solution Boon Edam’s team met with the client to present a range of possibilities and provided reassurance that heightened security would not be problematic, or affect the smooth operation of the entrance. Upon evaluating the range of entry options, the client chose Boon Edam’s automatic Tourlock revolving door with an aluminium finish for Pharm Research Associates’ entrance. The Tourlock is the most advanced, high security revolving door in the Boon Edam product range. It ensures that only authorised visitors are granted access to a building’s most sensitive areas. The rotation of the door only begins upon an authorisation signal from its access control system, such as a card reader or biometrics reader. The Tourlock is available with three or four door wings and includes a variety of security systems and upgrades. The client chose a Tourlock door with four wings and an added one-way weight system for the entrance. The Tourlock’s weight system, which offers a high level of anti-tailgating detection, has scales integrated into the floor of the door to assess the weight of the user. The system is set to a pre-defined weight limit, ensuring that tailgating is prevented. The Result The exact level of security was matched specifically to the client’s needs. Installing a Tourlock door with four wings meant that multiple users could occupy the door, as opposed to a one-in-one-out system with a three-wing door. This ensured the day to day operation of the entrance met the requirements specified by the client. The project took eight months, from confirmation to installation. Despite some bad weather hindering the progress of the project, Boon Edam installed the new door in just four days. Following the installation, a standard 12-month warranty was provided to ensure aftercare of the door. Boon Edam also provided a customer orientation, to inform staff how to use and care for the product over the course of its lifetime. 

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DePuy Tourniket Revolving Door Entrance

DePuy Synthes calls upon Boon Edam to revamp UK HQ

Ashford, United Kingdom - The DePuy Synthes Companies, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, required an entrance refurbishment. With visitors coming from around the world, the reception area needed to better reflect the prestigious nature of the company. Boon Edam, a global market leader in entry solutions was appointed to provide a future proof product customised to the buildings requirements. Refurbishment Solution The refurbishment project to the 1970’s site in Leeds, had the aim of modernising the look of the building’s reception area, whilst providing enhanced security. With the door installation being the main design feature for the new reception, Boon Edam’s 140 years’ experience meant it was best placed to provide support throughout every stage of the project; from advising on the design and specification, to project management and installation. Following consideration of the building’s requirements Boon Edam suggested and installed its most versatile entry solution; a full automatic Tourniket Revolving Door, with a security system and collapsible doorset. The Tourlock 360N security function has an electromagnetic lock which is engaged when the door is parked. Once activated, overhead anti-entrapment sensors scan the door compartments for the presence of a user and stop in the rest position upon the user’s exit, engaging the electric locks. The collapsible leaves were added to the door specification as there is no pass door. Therefore, the Tourniket can be manually folded to increase the width, should it be required for large deliveries, disabled access or to allow for a high capacity throughput in the event of an emergency. This entrance solution features two modes available via the Tourniket’s control panel, for automatic operation of the door. Day mode is activated via infra-red detectors, providing ease of use and automatic parking of the door. Night mode activates access from an external control system or a push button located internally; the doors begin rotating for 180 degrees to allow one authorised user to enter the building before returning to a stationary position.  The Revolving Door Transformation The entrance formerly featured sliding doors which had made the area dark and unhospitable. Following the installation of Boon Edam’s Tourniket revolving door in a stainless-steel finish to further enhance the look of the entrance, the reception area was transformed to a light welcoming area. This solution also helps to prevent draft, dust and noise entering the building; as well as reducing the cold in the area, leading to increased building envelope efficiency. Geoff Firth, Boon Edam’s Area Specification Manager commented, “We are delighted to have provided a solution for DePuy Synthes. The Tourniket revolving door is a versatile option for any building requiring a bespoke solution, and the objectives were effectively met in terms of sustainability, service and security requirements.” DePuy Synthes has been committed to transforming the lives of patients worldwide since the 19th century and offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopaedic and neuro products and services. The company offers products, services, programs and research and development capabilities for the advancement of healthcare. For Further Information, Please Contact:Boon Edam LtdT +44 (0)1233 505 054E

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Francis Crick Institute Boon Edam Revolving Doors

Boon Edam provides secure and stylish entry solution for The Francis Crick Institute

Ashford, United Kingdom - Boon Edam, a global market leader in entry solutions has unveiled a quality, engineered solution for a brand new, state of the art building in St Pancras; now home to The Francis Crick Institute. The biomedical discovery organisation, required an entry solution to seamlessly integrate with its new building’s modern design. A Flagship Research Facility The research centre, a flagship for UK biomedical science and one of Europe’s largest biomedical research facilities, is a base for 1500 scientists and staff, whilst housing technology to help create discoveries for illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, the entry solution required advanced security to ensure staff, visitors and equipment could be kept safe and protected, whilst complimenting the design. The Experience to Deliver With 140 years’ experience with manufacturing entry solutions, Boon Edam ensures its products meet the strictest quality standards. The building is serviced by five Automatic Crystal Tourniket’s. This product was selected following an assessment of everyday use including analysing the number of visitors and size of luggage expected to be carried into the building whilst creating a user friendly and attractive gateway into the building supporting the green principles that were embedded into its design and carried through to its operation. A Solution to Compliment the Building Façade The revolving doors use a combination of laminated and toughened glass, which results in a reduction in the traditionally framed elements of the door. The minimalistic, all glass revolving doors provided a stylish solution which complimented the new building’s façade. They also met the security requirements; with each Crystal Tourniket supplied with an external night locking door. Finished in stainless steel, the additional feature provided a further layer of security for the building. The night locking door was mounted onto a stainless-steel track fixed to the glass soffit and provided with fully integrated locks. Ian Goldsmith, Head of Sales at Boon Edam Ltd commented, “We are thrilled to have provided the entry solutions for this building. The cross-border project between Boon Edam BV (Netherlands) and Boon Edam UK was successful in meeting the precise requirements of The Francis Crick Institute. The Crystal Tourniket’s have provided the new building with the secure, eye catching solution desired whilst utilising the environmental benefits of installing a revolving door.” For Further Information, please contact:Boon Edam LtdChelsey HoupsMarketing CoordinatorT +44 (0)1233 505 054E

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Career at boon edam windmill

The New Year brings New Team Members to Boon Edam

Ashford, Kent - After another successful year for Boon Edam throughout 2016, the New Year has begun with exciting changes and new additions to our teams here at Boon Edam Ltd, the UK market leader in revolving doors and entry solutions, to enable us to continue to deliver exceptional customer service and quality, tailor-made security and entrance products.  Advanced customer care out on the road Our Service and Installations teams are based around the country ready to provide service and maintenance for all our customers to keep their entrance products regularly maintained in good working order and there to repair unexpected breakdowns. Firstly, Andrew Hilliar who joined our London Service team back in October 2016 has been confirmed in his post as our newest Service Technician after excelling in his role.  Elsewhere in our Service and Installations department, when the opportunity arose for the role of Training and Technical Support Manager, Ian Wilson successfully applied and was appointed to the role. Ian started with Boon Edam Ltd in 1999 as Technical support before moving into a Service Technician role, he had progressed to Service Supervisor for the Regions before being promoted. Ian will commence his new role in February. Ensuring your Sales and Service needs are met Located in Ashford, Kent is our UK head office where the teams which everyday support our customers and mobile teams are based. The Business Support Department have bolstered the Finance team with the permanent appointment of Derek and Tracey with them both continuing in their Accounts Assistant roles. In our Repair Sales Team, Ashleigh Holman has secured a new role as Repair Sales Coordinator. Ashleigh has been with Boon Edam almost 2 years now as a Service Desk Coordinator the skills and good base knowledge from service desk of which she will take with her as she becomes a great addition to the Repair Sales Team. A family company at heart Although we currently employ over 1,000 people worldwide, we remain a family company at heart. We are proud that many the people working with us have been with us for over a decade. They have joined us at the start of their career and have developed themselves with us through our internal training and career development programmes. Managing Director, Graeme Firth, remarked that “it is exciting to see our employees continue their successful careers by seeking out new challenges within Boon Edam and therefore opening up exciting opportunites for new candidates to join our business and the wider Boon community.”  Currently, Boon Edam Ltd have many vacancies available across our business, if Boon Edam sounds like the challenge for you then explore our careers page to see our latest opportunities For Further Information, Please Contact:Boon Edam LtdChelsey HoupsMarketing CoordinatorT +44 (0)1233 505 054E

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