Boon Edam Ltd Announce they are BIM Ready! (UK Launch)

Ashford, Kent - Following the successful launch of their Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket revolving door models earlier this year, Boon Edam Ltd have this month launched their second phase of BIM objects for the UK Market. Working with The National BIM Library to create and host their range of BIM products, the most recent release from Boon Edam incorporates models of their security doors and pedestrian speed gate product ranges, and totals 18 BIM objects now available for download.  The UK Government has outlined that the use of BIM will be mandatory on all public sector projects from 2016 with the aim of streamlining the construction process and cutting project and carbon costs by using BIM to predict and reduce errors throughout the different stages of design.  Since the announcement of mandatory BIM projects from 2016 there has been an increasing pressure on architects and contractors to adopt BIM into their own design process. Statistics from the NBS National BIM Report 2014 revealed that over 50% of respondents who were aware of BIM are already actively using it for projects. With a huge 93% stating they plan to be using BIM by 2016. Therefore it was essential for Boon Edam Ltd to ensure their product range was made readily available as BIM, allowing architects and contractors easy access to relevant manufacturer objects for use in their BIM projects.  Boon Edam are focussed on their clients, and consistently work together with customers to ensure the correct products are specified at design stage for each individual project.  A team of Specification Managers are on hand to work together with architects and contractors to ensure using Boon Edams objects in your BIM projects is a simple and smooth process.  All Boon Edam BIM objects are available now for download via their website and the National BIM Library.

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Boon Edam and Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Work Together to Put Passengers in Control

Garges-Lès-Gonesse, France – Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, one of the leading airports in France, has chosen to work with Boon Edam to offer their frequent flyer passengers a smoother transit through the airport. By installing Airport Swinglane self-service gates at security pre-screening, the airport ensures that a high level of security is maintained while shortening queues and putting passengers in control.  Fourth Largest Airport in France Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is the fourth largest airport in France when it comes to passenger numbers serving 8.6 million passengers annually, up to 34.000 a day. With 63% of all flight being international and 115 direct routes of which 30 were opened in the last five years, Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport has firmly positioned itself as one of the main entry ports into Europe. Putting the Passenger in Control “We have installed this solution to respond to different requirements, such as being able to track the passage of a passenger, restricting access to air side and automating security pre-screening”, says Mylène Leuly, Project Manager – Exploitation. The Airport Swinglane offers the high level of security Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport were looking while giving passengers control over their own boarding process, resulting in an improved passenger experience. Customisation and Cooperation Boon Edam has worked closely with Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport and RESA, the airport’s system integrator and provider of the PAXTRACK passenger tracking software since the start of the project in 2012 to create a fully customised solution for this airport. Mylène Leuly explains: “The ergonomic design of the lane and the proposed technology were the main reasons behind our decision. Boon Edam’s ability to listen to our requirements also played an important role. The company has managed to adapt their product to the restrictions in our airport to create a tailor made solution that meets our requirements perfectly with regards to performance and integration into the airport environment.” Besides technical and functional customisation, the design of the Airport Swinglane was personalised with a wooden top-plate and larger screens for interaction with the passenger. For Further Information, Please Contact:  Nikki RobinsonMarketing CoordinatorT +44 (0) 1233 505 957E

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Special Doors by Boon Edam part of Innovative Extension of Mauritshuis

+Edam, the Netherlands, 27 June 2014 – Today the Mauritshuis reopens its doors after a two year renovation. Located in the heart of The Hague, the museum is world renowned for their high quality art collection. This 17th century building houses the Royal Cabinet of Paintings with over 200 paintings by Dutch and Flemish painters from the Dutch Golden Age. Boon Edam provided two special revolving doors in the new extension of the museum. Elegant Renovation The Mauritshuis has doubled its floor space by building an underground extension to the opposite side of the street. The newly connected corner building will be called the “Royal Dutch Shell Wing”. The museum itself has been modernised as well: windows, climate control and lighting have been replaced and the interior has been improved and updated. The design by Hans van Heeswijk architects has ensured that the elegant and intimate atmosphere has been maintained. Technical and Logistical Challenge The underground connection of the old and the new building and the lowering of the foundations of the new wing were a technical feat in itself. The limited space the builders had to manoeuver and the location directly next to the prime minister’s office made this building project even more complex. Boon Edam was faced with the challenge of installing two automatic revolving doors for the new extension of the museum. The, entry to the museum is around 6 meters below street level, where a 4600 mm tall Tourniket revolving door was placed. The height of the revolving door and its location were both technically and logistically challenging for the company. Additionally, a fully glass Crystal Tourniket revolving door was placed in the entry to the museum café in the new wing. The low height under canopy for this door meant that the usual construction of the door proved impossible; instead the company placed a special ring in the building’s ceiling. Through a well-thought out plan and strong communication between Boon Edam and the architect, the project was carried out without any problems ensuring that the museum reopens today as planned. For Further Information, Please Contact: Nikki RobinsonMarketing CoordinatorT +44 (0)1233 505 957E

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Boon Edam Solution Chosen for Refurbished Entrance at Tottenham Hotspur FC Training Centre

New Entrance Door for Tottenham Training Centre  Following its official opening in September 2012, it was decided that the main reception of Tottenham’s new training centre in Enfield required refurbishment to better meet the buildings requirements. One main focus of the refurbishment is the replacement of the main entrance door, used by the players and all staff, to make access to the main building more suitable.  The Tottenham Hotspur training centre, situated in Enfield North London, is home to the Tottenham first team and Academy.  The centre, built on 77 acres, provides state of the art facilities and was designed with environmental protection and sustainability in mind, with the main building built to be highly energy efficient.  However, since opening it has been decided that a new entrance is required to further enhanced energy efficiency, whilst also providing ease of access for visitors. As their chosen preferred supplier, Boon Edam worked closely with F3 Architects, who were tasked with the refurbishment of the reception area, and offered them advice of multiple solutions that would be suitable for the building. Boon Edam are delighted to have since secured the order for a new entrance system at the Training Centre through Ridgeway.  Secure, Accessible, Sustainable  Main considerations for Boon Edam when suggesting options for the door were to enable DDA access, remote locking, and to reduce building heating and air conditioning costs. Boon Edam have the perfect solution in the form of their Tourniket automatic revolving door, with enhanced security features. This allows for the door to be locked at night, but still be accessible to authorised users, such as the chairman and board directors who require 24/7 access, via a remote locking system. Meaning entry is possible without having to fully unlock the doors, but can be accessed at the swipe of an access card. In addition, the Tourniket revolving door will also be installed with an automatic folding door set to provide easy DDA access, and means no need for an additional side pass door. Saving space and installation requirements.  The nature of the revolving door means heating and air conditioning costs are automatically lowered, by reducing the drafts and air permeability that standard sliding doors offer. Which will ensure the reception area is kept much warmer during the colder months.  Boon Edam will install the new door at the Tottenham Training Centre later this year. 

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Boon Edam Ltd Chosen to Provide the Entrance for the University of Birmingham City Phase 2 Building

Ashford, United Kingdom - Boon Edam Ltd are delighted to have been chosen to provide the main entrance for the new University of Birmingham City Phase 2 building. The Phase 2 project at the University of Birmingham City will be home to the faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences, Birmingham City Business School and the University Directorate. This additional building will provide a new student support hub, library and teaching and IT space for the university, when it officially opens for the start of the new academic year in 2015. You can take a ‘fly-through’ tour of the new building here.  Simple Yet Effective  Designed by Associated Architects as a ‘front door’ to the university, it was essential to take into consideration relevant entry security solutions.  With universities becoming 24 hour hubs of activity for students, staff and even the public, it is vital to allow ease of access whilst continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for both people and property. Awarded the contract by Willmott Dixon, Boon Edam will install a bank of 7 Speedlane 300 speed gates at the main entrance to the new Phase 2 building.  The Speedlane 300 offers a simple but effective level of security, whilst maintaining user friendliness and a great design.  Designed to support receptionists and security guards in keeping track of staff and students entering a building, and ensuring only authorised visitors can pass through, it was the best solution to provide the university’s entrance with unimposing but reliable security.   Energy Saving In addition to the internal security, Boon Edam will also install their Crystal Tourniket revolving door at the main entrance. The design of the door provides a permanent barrier between the inside and outside climates of a building, saving energy on heating or cooling the entrance area, and will thus contribute towards achieving the low energy targets set for the build.  The installation of Boon Edams Crystal revolving door and Speedlane 300 security lanes will take place later this year.  Installation of the correct entrance solutions can allow you to control the flow of people across your campus; at main entrances, libraries, sports facilities, and even outside areas, by controlling unauthorised visitors.  Boon Edam have solutions relevant to many different educational facilities. More information on the product range can be here. 

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Swedish Shopping Mall Chooses Energy Efficient Entry Solution from Boon Edam

For a long time the Swedish shopping mall, Flanaden, has been part of an extensive modernization project. One major part of the modernization project was the creation of a spectacular energy efficient entry solution, allowing more stores and more visitors to enter. Property owner Kuststaden Fastigheter AB, together with Atrio Architects chose to recreate the entry with a uniquely designed, six meter tall revolving door by Boon Edam, the ultimate choice for making a statement at the very first moment for the visitor. As well as a lasting first impression, the energy saving benefits of the revolving door aid in creating a perfect indoor climate. “We are happy and proud to be able to be a part of the amazing improvements that has been made in the shopping mall. It’s great to see that Flanaden has chosen to combine the environment-friendly benefits of a revolving door with the unique design possibilities it offers. Together we’ve created an energy efficient, modern entrance solution that fits a modern mall”. says Ulf Stenborg, Managing Director, Boon Edam Sweden AB. The project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014. Read more about our revolving door product range here.  

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