Converting Human Power into Electric Energy

‘Combining the revolving door energy saving technology with an energy generating concept to create the ultimate energy saving entrance’

Edam, The Netherlands, 1st February 2012 - Royal Boon Edam International B.V., has today unveiled its new Energy Generating Revolving Door, the NRG+ 2. The new NRG+ 2 Tourniket combines revolving door technology with an energy generating concept which has enabled Boon Edam to create the ultimate ‘green’ entrance, with a product that not only saves energy but also generates energy.

Having tinkered with the idea of an Energy Generating Revolving Door for more than a decade, Boon Edam released the world’s first Energy Generating Revolving Door in 2008. Following the success of this first model (NRG+), the company continued to develop the energy generating concept and now releases the NRG+ 2. Dirk Groot, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. comments, “Customers’ responses to the world’s first Energy Generating Revolving Door were very positive. Now we have developed a more efficient solution using the latest technology and added it to the Boon Edam product portfolio”

The NRG+ 2 features a new energy generating system; up to 50% higher power output; progressive speed control; improved feedback indicators; flexibility in design and the ability to connect solar power. This combination of features offers an Energy Generating Revolving Door with better functionality and a higher power output to save more energy and therefore more money.

The Energy Generating Revolving Door will give those entering your building the first impression of your organisation, an organisation that is conscious of environment and one which is contributing to saving energy by using the latest technology. By interacting with the NRG+ 2, the user can be satisfied that their human power is not going to waste and that it will be converted into energy, which in turn will be used to power the lights within the door.

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