BS8300-2:2018 Accessibility Changes

BS8300-2:2018 Updates

Updates to our Security Lane Configurations.

British Standard BS8300-2:2018 is the standard to ensure that buildings are designed in an accessible way, creating an inclusive built environment. With this standard, and like many others, change is inevitable in order to adapt and better the way in which we implement entrance solutions. To meet the demands and revised British Standard BSI, we at Boon Edam Limited have changed some dimensions of our security lane configurations.

These new dimensions will increase the wider usability of our lanes, helping to create a more accessible entry. The latest version of BS8300-2:2018 now states that banks of security lanes must offer a supervised accessible lane or gate with a minimum passage width of 1000mm.

Changes to BS8300-2:2018.

Having reviewed the latest revision of BS8300, and being a responsible manufacturer and installer of security turnstiles, and with particular focus on paragraph 8.5.3 if the British Standard, Boon Edam Limited's advice to all customers is as follows: Security turnstiles and barriers are only deemed to be accessible, as detailed within BS8300-2:2018, if the following criteria can be met;

  • A wide version of a bi-parting or folding security turnstile or barrier (Lifeline Swing being an example of this form of turnstile) is included in the design which provides a minimum 1000mm through passage width, or
  • A side-hung gate (Boon Edam’s Winglock Swing and Winglock 900 are examples of this type of unit) is installed in close proximity to the main security line, again with a minimum through passage width of 1000mm, and
  • In both of the above options the 1000mm min. width Security turnstile or Side-hung gate should be supervised while under use by an accessible user.

Our Interpretation of The Term 'Supervised'. 

  • Supervision of an un-trained accessible user would entail the unit being controlled by a suitably trained operator, in normal use, this would be a member of the reception staff, security guard or a visitor’s host. The operation would generally be by the means of a control panel or key fob which latches so that the accessible gate remains open for the entire passage of the accessible user through the unit before then being actively closed using the same activation device. Visual contact with the user is to be maintained during the full cycle of the unit.
  • Where an accessible user can be deemed as having undergone training, i.e. Has undertaken a period of training on the correct, safe use of the security turnstiles by the building owner, and is a regular user e.g. An employee whose place of work is the building containing the turnstiles, Boon Edam Limited deem that they have the knowledge to allow them to self-supervise and safely use the turnstiles without the need of an operator to assist or supervise.

For Further Guidance.

For more information on the updated British Standard in relation to our products, please get in touch, and one of our regional specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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