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The National Space Centre with Boon Edam Limited

Hosted by Woodhead Group at the National Space Centre located in Leicester, we became part of the Sent into Space event through sponsoring an object to be sent into space! 

On the 14th of June 2018, two of our Area Sales Managers watched as a teddy was sent to the edge of space.  So how did it go?

  • The natural latex weather balloon is filled with helium with the payload (in the case a teddy and nut & bolt set) with multiple GPS sensors.
  • The weather balloon will travel to ‘near space’ which is 65,00 feet above the earth at which point the helium will increase to the size of 2 double-decker buses and then this will bust.
  • The payload has a parachute which allows it the float to earth and then Sent into Space can collect this.
  • After over 350 launches they have not lost a single balloon!
  • Using weather reports they can predict the return position within 1-2 miles, local school pupils have run a competition to predict the exact location and the winner will keep the teddy.
  • The Nut and Bolt will form part of the building fabric.

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