Secure and Sustainable Learning Environments

With universities becoming 24 hour hubs of activity for students, staff and even the public, it is vital to allow ease of access whilst continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for both people and property. Installation of the correct entrance solutions can allow you to control the flow of people across your campus; at main entrances, libraries, sports facilities, and even outside areas, by controlling unauthorised visitors. 

We provide a complete product range suited to university facilities, including revolving doors to reduce drafts and save energy, and security entrance products suitable for people and asset protection. 

Secure Environments

Our vast range of security turnstiles and speed gates provide the perfect options for university buildings, allowing you to monitor the movement of people in and out, and around the university campus, by applying different levels of security to certain areas. Available in a multitude of finishes, our product ranges can fit seamlessly into existing interiors, providing an inviting entrance that is easy to use.  All our products are also easily integrated with any access control system. 

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