Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarter environments have a responsibility to protect their building, property and those within it.   And, due to the nature of businesses that are associated with corporate HQ's, prevention, deterrent and detect solutions, are all a vital part of ensuring the safety and accountability of employees and visitors.   Now with building designs and specifications becoming more complex, there is a requirement for a wider variety of security solutions for specific exits and entrances to ensure each entry/exit is installed with the most appropriate level of security.       

Design and Entrance Management

Today the main entry to a corporate headquarters fulfils a number of requirements. It is still the calling card to the building. As the façade and the entrance are the first impression that a visitor gets from a building, they play an important role in forming their opinion about the company they are about to visit. Modern or classic design; funky or traditional; the entry tells you something about the company culture. However, as a mobility hotspot, the entry has also become the central point where different flows of visitors are channelled towards different areas of the building. Here staff of different companies in the building are separated and sent to their respective floors and visitors are separated from general staff to ensure that unauthorised visitors are not allowed to intrude your building.

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