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Airports have increasingly grown in size and popularity, with thousands of flights leaving and landing at international airports worldwide daily.  With the increasing desire to travel the world and with the aviation industry making that possibility as accessible as possible, has come the increasing threat of security breaches.   According to the Office for National Statistics Travel Trends, over 70.8 million Brits travel to other countries via air travel a year, some for holidays and many for short breaks for work.  

Staying Safe & Keeping Check in Airports

Securing passengers and keeping visitors safe within terminals airside and landside presents an array of challenges that involves a large number of people within a continuously changing population of travellers and traveller types.   With airports now offering multiple access areas from private lounges to VIP areas, many opt for Speedlanes to monitor users as they offer security in a stylishly designed unit.  When looking at the fluctuation in flows of individuals entering and exiting terminals high capacity doors are more frequently required. To discover more about multiple solutions regarding common airport specifications, read the article - Functional Airport Solutions at Every Zone


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