Introducing Intuitive Speed Gates

Speed Gates Lifeline Series from Boon Edam

Have you heard about our new Speedlane Lifeline series of speed gates? Made with intuitive design in mind, the series consists of three models: the Swing, the Slide and the Open, each of which are available in an array of finish and function options to suit any specification.

A Speed Gate With a Life of its Own

The three models show an increased awareness and interactive quality towards users and the environment; their ‘Lifeline’ name is an indication that the product is alive and living. Firstly, the speed gate automatically detects when a user is approaching and awakens its symbols and pulsating lights to guide the user through accordingly. When a user is no longer present, the speed gate returns to a sleep mode to save energy.

User-friendly Access Systems

Upon detection of a user, the Speedlane flashes a pulse of light along the unit to draw the eye up. A modern arrow symbol directs the user to walk forward as a panel lights up, inviting the user to present a valid access pass. Upon authorisation, the barrier opens and the user is guided through by a pulse of light travelling across the lane. The cycle is complete and the speed gate is ready for the next user.

Flexible Design Options

We understand that each installation is different. So, we developed the Lifeline modular systems to be highly customisable. Each Speedlane comes with an array of dimensional and glass options, which can be applied to create any combination – whether it’s for a high level of security, or for disabled access. The Speedlane’s distinct black glass top achieves a sleek appearance and the finish of the cabinet can be customised to the latest design trends or preferred taste. Whether the goal is to make a statement, blend in with a brand identity or create a harmonious interior design, the Lifeline series achieves eye-catching access solutions for any building.

New Speedlanes Access Gates from Boon Edam

Additional Security Measures

All models in the Lifeline series can be set up as single or multiple lanes, with jump-over detection sensors available as an upgrade. BoonTouch, a universal control panel, is used to operate the speed gates remotely from a security desk or reception area. BoonTouch can operate any combination of up to six security access solutions; its user-friendly interface means individual lanes, multiple lanes and an alarm system can all be controlled at once.

Complete Entry Solutions

In addition to security lanes, Boon Edam manufactures complete entry solutions. From revolving doors, security doors, turnstiles and access gates to maximise the security of an entrance. With 140 years of experience in creating quality engineered entrance products, Boon Edam endeavours to deliver future proof entry solutions by working closely with the client to meet their requirements. For more information, visit

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