Hotel Design Meets Security Without Aesthetic Compromise.

Boon Edam Limited Blog | January 2020

Hotels are big business and play a vital part in the tourism industry for all locations within the United Kingdom. With a rise in online personal profiles and business profiles comes increasing responsibility for hotel owners and managers alike; the responsibility of keeping socially active customers safe within a premise that may be viewed by hundreds, if not, thousands of individuals.

The rises in security risk associated with online profiles has partially contributed to a mass reactive approach of producing physical security products that work hand in hand with cyber security. The aesthetic challenges design consultancies and architects have previously faced essentially lead to the design conscious security products we see being marketed today. In this environment, it’s important to understand a customer’s design intentions while considering security to protect not only guests and staff, but the integrity of the buildings brand also.   

Why Security is Important for Hotels.

Brand integrity is the foundation for many hotel chains successes. Something that was once an easier task to manage has become increasingly challenging with the implementation of online profiles. A damaging online review that has the potential to spread security alarm bells to other customers can be detrimental to not only that hotel location, but others associated with the brand. Anything from theft, damages, intruders and crimes involving guests can cause serious cause for concern.

Now in 2020, it’s not just physical security breaches that can prove to be damaging, it’s the cyber breaches also.  Malicious intentions to breach or ‘hack’ into hotel websites, payment systems and security measures can be even more worrying for customers than the physical. Concerns that might arise from cyber breaches tend to relate to data theft and fraud. 

A Winning Design Gains More Attraction.

Online presence is a vital sales channel for hotels who compete for room bookings on purpose-built hotel booking platforms. Competition is rife, and in a largely saturated market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. There are many design and technology factors taken into consideration when it comes to hotel perception. Smart designed self-check in systems at reception and key card dropping devices can allow for 24/7 building access and exit while showing an innovative approach to room design.

An attractive hotel naturally stands out from the rest online, but there needs to be functionality in the design that includes guest comfort. The hotel entrance is a popular photography shot for hotel booking profiles. An entrance that visibly allows for different types of user, has obvious security features and looks seamless in design to the rest of the building proves for a great shot. 

Comfort Welcomes Design and Security.

A reception area is designed to be the focal point of most buildings, a place that not only attracts off the street customers but has desires to be functional, comfortable and useful. Appealing entrances shouldn’t have to compromise on security to allow for design appeal, which is why revolving doors are a common installation. There are many reasons why this is;

  • Revolving doors can be designed and installed with throughput in mind, designing the perfect solution with a consideration for guest counts.
  • They are also famous for maintaining indoor temperatures, the design of the doors helps to keep the external environment out of the building increasing guest comfort dramatically.
  • The operating speed of a revolving door can be adjusted based on location to help prevent thieves exiting a building with speed.
  • Additional features such as night locking doors, ballistic glass and anti-burglary packages can be implemented without adjusting the design of the entrance.

Revolving doors proudly sit in some of the most prestigious hotels world-wide and gain an array of customer attraction. Due to the high customisation options available, these doors are a great choice for those who want to fully control the look and feel of their entrance. It’s not uncommon for 24-hour hotels to have a separate entrance during non-working hours. Security portals are a popular addition which allow authorised only guests to enter the building usually through their key card. Larger hotel chains commonly decide to have a security portal and revolving door.

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