The Impact of Retail Crime and How to Prevent It.

Boon Edam Limited Blog | June 2019

The UK is renowned for its highstreet with people visiting major cities to walk through the famous retail areas this country has to offer. Home to thousands of retail businesses varying in size from small to large, the aims stay primarily similar, to make a profit and to keep the building secure at all times.  You can deter and prevent retail crime in your establishment with the right choice of doorway but just how do you do it so effectively? Learn more about the effects of crime on retail businesses, and how you can protect yourself against it.

Retail Crime in the UK.

Back in 2014, an act was passed in the UK that allowed shoplifters (of up to £200) to respond to their case via post with their desired pleas. This meant that the convicted would no longer have to attend court. Essentially working similar to the way driving offences are charged remotely. The 2014 shoplifting act has had a notable impact on the retail industry, with it being suggested that buildings are being targeted more than ever before with increased shoplifting crimes.  Savvy individuals are more than aware that the new act penalises low figure shoplifters in a less incriminating way, making it more appealing than before.

The economic impact of an increase in theft crime has led to a decrease in reported shoplifting offences. Where there has been a rise in the act, action taken to prevent the crime has fallen. The stigma behind not being able to get the goods value or items back has created a lack of confidence in the persecution for illegal activity.

How Crime Affects Business Profits.

Naturally, any loss of product will directly affect business revenue and profits. The extent of the impact relies heavily on how prevalent the items are, and the profit margins the business operates at. It’s common that the average price of item in stores impacts the security decisions made. Like many high street stores across the UK is famous for, due to various circumstances, operate with low-profit margins. Businesses that do sell more affordable items can unfortunately experience a greater loss in revenue.

Prevent Retail Crime at Your Entrance.

Security guards, surveillance cameras and eagle-eyed staff all go a long way to help in the prevention of shoplifting from occurring. To encourage peace of mind, looking at how the building entrance design can help to tighten security and reduce the chances of shoplifting.  A tactful entrance can essentially control the flow of users entering and exiting the building, by having more control of the entrance can deter shoplifters and stop them in their tracks. Of course, as technology evolves, so does the security on offer. Retrofitting an older entry solution can be just as affective at detecting and deterring criminal activity, which can essentially help to reduce the costs involved in improving the security throughout the retail building. 

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So, Why Do Businesses Not Always Fully Protect Themselves?

Security of course, is key for the retail industry and protection can be accomplished via many security avenues such as CCTV. Surveillance cameras can help to ‘prevent’ theft by making sure that customers are aware they are in operation. But, with watching devices and no on door security within the premises, shoplifters are still likely to try their luck. A layering approach to in store security, whether it be a desirable choice, can also incur a high initial implementation cost. The priority might be surveillance and the working towards might include another line of defence in the near future.

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