Incorporating Biometrics into your Buildings Physical Security

Boon Edam Limited Blog | April 2019

Businesses, bank headquarters and government buildings need to implement the most robust and effective security measures. Ensuring the right people have access to your office space, files and sensitive information keeps your business and your staff safe. There are many ways to do this but one of them is to utilise biometrics in your building’s physical security.

This can be done within your entrances to prevent an early barrier from threats. Read on to discover the what, how and why about biometric entrances and controls.

Why You Need to Secure your Business’s Premises

Criminals will often try and enter your business premises during the day because it provides a better opportunity to steal products or sensitive information. If they do manage to steal the latter, your reputation and cybersecurity can be affected.

Moreover, people who walk into your business and appear to “fit the scene” are unlikely to be challenged. This makes it even more important to ensure your security during business hours matches your security when the building is locked up.

Another reason to secure your premises is to protect the people who work there. No business should leave itself open to safety risk and by securing your entryways you can significantly reduce such risks.

What Are Biometric Entryways?

Businesses have been protecting staff and securing their premises with secure entrances for years. These entryways may come in a variety of designs and work in different ways. One of the best types of secure entrance uses ID scanners to only enable entry to people who have the required ID. However, as technology has advanced, businesses are now using biometric controls to strengthen their buildings.

Biometric entryways use staff biometrics to allow them to enter the building. They may work in a number of ways; they will most often scan the person’s fingerprint and less commonly scan the person’s eyes.  They are unique because they use something that cannot be counterfeited. Nobody has the same fingerprint or iris pattern as another person, thus maximising security and increasing convenience.

Biometrics Vs. ID cards

ID card entryways have been keeping business premises secure for a long time and continue to be an effective security barrier. However, how do they fair against biometric controlled entrances?Both are effective and an excellent option for business owners. They will both deter criminals for attempting to gain access to the property and prevent them from doing so when they do attempt entry.

However, there are some differences.Biometric controls may cost more than ID entryways, but they do take security to another level. Whereas IDs can be lost, counterfeited or stolen, the chances of someone's fingerprint being stolen is virtually zero.This also adds convenience to staff members. Some staff members may forget their ID cards at home or may lose their card altogether. If this occurs they can disrupt usual business processes and simultaneously cause a loss of precious business hours.

Other Advantages of Using Biometric Entryways

The obvious benefit of using biometric entryways in your business premises is that they enhance security and prevent unauthorised personnel. This can deter and prevent potential criminals and thieves from entering your space and accessing sensitive information. However, there are many other benefits in equipping your business premises with biometrics, including:

  • They are a high-tech and sophisticated addition that gives a professional image to partners, business partners and visitors upon arrival
  • They can be a cost-effective solution over the long haul when compared to hiring full-time security guards that need to check IDs during business hours
  • They can speed up the process of staff entering the premises and save precious business hours
  • They are more secure and reliable than using non-biometric entryways
  • They can be installed into any premises with a bespoke fitting by a professional supplier

Get Secure and Sophisticated Entrances

To get sophisticated and secure entryways for your business’s premises, speak to us at Boon Edam. We have been trailblazing the industry with entrance solutions that ensure your building is secure and gives a professional welcome to visitors.

Learn more about our biometric-compatible Lifeline Boost model and many more quality entrances– including high-quality ID-scanning gates - by getting in touch.

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