The Importance of Updating your Building Security

Boon Edam UK | Blog | October 2018

Security has changed a lot during the 21st century, and it continues to evolve every day. While businesses previously only needed to worry about physical threats, the rise of the internet has led to the need to protect against digital attacks too. The security industry is always building new ways to protect businesses from attacks, but they only work if businesses keep abreast of new changes and update security as necessary. But how do you keep on top of it all?

Reactive vs preventative maintenance.

Waiting until a problem arises to try and solve it is not an effective way to keep your building secure. It leaves you little time to fix the issue, and by then, the damage could already have been done. What’s more, repairing your systems after a breach could end up costing you more than it would to invest some time and money into updating your security systems.

Preventive maintenance means updating your security to ensure that if a problem does arise, your security systems will be able to tackle the issue, preventing damage and minimising any potential fallout. From a physical perspective, updating your security could mean investing in more advanced technology, such as biometric systems, while updating your digital security may mean having the latest anti-virus software and regularly updating your computer’s programs and systems.

Updating your buildings physical security.

Physical security is a lot more visibly prevalent than digital security. This can be a good thing, as it can prove to be more of a deterrent for potential thieves and attackers. Signs are a simple way to do this, but they won’t help if someone decides to ignore them and try to attack anyway - you’ll need the security to back your warnings up.

A lock and key have been perhaps the most staple example of security, and while it does have its uses, they have their downsides - particularly for larger businesses where threats may be more likely. Keys can easily be lost or stolen. If they are, it creates a whole host of problems, meaning you’ll have to pay to get your business’s locks changed. 

Moving away from the lock and key by updating your physical security eliminates this problem. Using access gates that require keycards means they are harder to steal and duplicate, while biometric security systems eliminate the need for a physical key at all. 

Updating your buildings digital security.

Most businesses these days will use computers or other electronic devices in their day to day workings. Keeping them up to date with the latest security software is imperative in helping to prevent against cyber attacks. Technology advances quickly, particularly in the online world. Threats can now come from people sitting in the comfort of their own home, and the many different ways cyber attacks can negatively impact your business are endless. Stealing private details and information, defacing your website, infecting systems with malware… the list goes on.

The good news, however, is that these types of attacks are easier to prevent if you are proactive in updating your security. Many programs and systems will prompt you to update them, meaning your security can be upgraded with just a click. It’s important you have the right type of programs and systems in place too. Investing in a good anti-virus system is vital, as is a good firewall to help alert you to potential threats. To read more about how you can protect your digital environment utilising physical security read here.

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