The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining your Doors.

Boon Edam Limited Blog | November 2020

Your building’s entrance is more than just a necessary expense; it’s an investment in your business and your opportunity to make an important first impression and statement to those entering the building for the first time.

Your entryway will help you achieve this, but as with any investment, it is not something you can simply leave and expect to see consistent results time and again. As such, it’s important to monitor your entrance on a regular basis to ensure it’s operating as efficiently as it did when it was first installed.

Here at Boon Edam UK, we’re proud to offer a 12-month warranty on all of our products to ensure they remain in full working condition once installed and for long after. However, for prolonged care in order to keep your investment in top working condition long after this, we recommend incorporating a service and maintenance plan. For more information on our exclusive in-house product care solutions, download the brochure today.

The Boon Edam UK service and maintenance plan

Our service and maintenance plans are designed to give you the flexibility you require to help ensure your purchase remains operational and performing at its best for years to come, as well as give you peace of mind should any breakdown occur through our dedicated Service Agreement Team.

Our team understands that every entrance installation is unique, which is why we work with you to understand the level of maintenance and protection you require. This is reflected in our five-level of care approach, with each level offering different degrees of service and maintenance:

Basic Care - Suitable for manual doors and all equipment installed in non-public or non-business critical areas. 

Standard Care - Suitable for a variety of entrances where a commitment to a quick response is desired but not business critical. 

Premium Care - Suitable for all entrances where a commitment to a quick response is essential to continue trading, preserve building security or where equipment is deemed business critical. 

Complete Care - Offers complete peace of mind to the building owner, with the knowledge that the equipment will work at it’s optimum at all times. 

Ultimate Care - Offering ultimate peace of mind to the building owner, with the knowledge that the equipment will work at its optimum at all times, and with a commitment to attend site in the event of equipment failure on an AM call / PM attend basis.

The benefits of a service and maintenance plan

Regardless of the service and maintenance plan you opt for, customers can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits:

Save on the costs of repairs

Our service and maintenance plans are preventive by nature, not reactive. This means we can help spot any potential issues before they arise, which can help reduce the risk of a breakdown. A breakdown with no service and maintenance plan to fall back can also end up costing you far more than taking out the plan itself, leaving you with more expenses and a non-operational entrance as well.

A dedicated service and maintenance team

All of our staff that make up our dedicated service and maintenance team have been trained to provide only the best in service when it comes to your entrance, ensuring you get their full expertise every time. 

This expertise is evident by the fact that we here at Boon Edam UK are one of the founding members of ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association). Created to be a leading voice in the automatic door industry, our membership ensures we can continue to promote the highest standards of care for all of our automatic doors. 

Complete product knowledge

Our expertise is also evident in our product knowledge, as every member of our service and maintenance team is equipped with extensive knowledge of all our Boon Edam products. This ensures that we are equipped with b the tools, parts and the knowledge to service and repair your entrance in case of a breakdown, something that cannot be guaranteed if relying on a more general service and maintenance team. 

Quick response times

When it comes to a breakdown, you want to know that your entrance can be repaired quickly to minimise the downtime of the entryway, especially if you are in a high-security environment, such as a corporate building or in an environment with sensitive information, such as a data centre.

That’s why we operate across the UK with dedicated regional experts up and down the country, ensuring our teams can get to you quickly and help get your entrance back up and running as quickly as possible.

The option of retrofits and upgrades 

We also understand that as your businesses’ needs change over time, so might your needs around your entrance. That’s why we are able to offer a wide range of retrofits and upgrades to help enhance your entrance with additional features and benefits, such as higher levels of security and safety upgrades.

Case study - Park House Finsbury Circus

We’re proud of our service and maintenance offerings, with one of particular note being our partnership with Finsbury Circus and the work we have completed for them over the years.

As well as benefiting from regular service and maintenance since 2008, the building has also undergone several upgrades, including the addition of two banks of the Lifeline Speedlane Swing, which have helped increase the number of lanes available and therefore help reduce pedestrian traffic during busy times. You can read the case study in full here

Service and maintenance for your entrance

For more information on taking out a service and maintenance plan with us, download our latest exclusive in-house product care brochure, visit our dedicated service and maintenance page, or contact us today

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