Ensuring Campus Security is Working Before the Academic Year Starts.

Boon Edam Limited Blog | September 2019

Summer is nearly over and your university campus is likely a lot quieter as a result. Yet with September now here, it's the perfect time to ensure that your university’s security is ready for the upcoming academic year. Unlike most businesses, university’s offer a unique problem in that they are composed of multiple buildings as opposed to just the one. Multiple buildings naturally result in multiple entryways, leaving you with a lot to consider security wise.

Fortunately, there are steps to ensure you, and your entryways, are ready for whatever the year may bring.

Maintaining Campus Entrances to Minimise Downtime.

With so many new students set to begin their first year at your university, you want to set a good first impression. A poorly looking entryway likely means a poorly operating entryway, thus limiting its security effectiveness. Routinely cleaning your entryways is a great way to ensure they remain operational without any issue. For speed gates, ensure particularly care is given to any biometric readers as they can become dirty and unable to read student and staff’s cards. 

Revolving doors can also cause issues if care isn’t taken, especially with autumn set to begin shortly after the academic year begins. Leaves and other objects can easily get caught in the bristles of the door and end up making the movement of the door difficult. Regularly sweeping and clearing out the inside of your revolving door is, therefore, a great way to prevent buildup. It’s also important to think ahead to those winter months too. During this time, moisture can get into your entryways and turn to ice. Not only will this make it hard to operate entryways but it can also damage it, particularly any weather stripping used. 


Servicing Campus Entry Solutions to Comply with Regulations.

While regularly cleaning your entryways is a great way to make sure they operate smoothly, sometimes issues are out of your control and professional servicing is needed. Your entryway provider should provide servicing services but with such a high footfall, it may be more worthwhile to look into maintenance agreements to ensure that help is never far away. 

Maintenance agreements typically come in various types of packages each offering different levels of care. Depending on your university’s needs, you can pick the option that best fits your needs. It may also be worth to conduct your own research to find out how quickly engineers can fix any issues that may arise. This can depend on the type of package you have but also how locally any engineers are based. 


Enhance, Upgrade and Repair Before Term Begins.

Yet while maintaining and servicing can help keep up your entryway’s performance, if you haven’t updated them in a while, investing in an upgrade or new entryway altogether may be the best course of action. Here at Boon Edam, we offer a range of services to ensure your entryway evolves and remains up to date. Be it being more environmentally friendly with our Green Retrofit Package or upgrading performance through our Intelligence sensors, our retrofit upgrades provide you with the flexibility to upgrade your entryways as necessary.

To find out more about the opportunties available to upgrade your entryways, visit our dedicated upgrades page, or contact us today.  

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