Ensuring the Best Cyber Security Practices for your Business

Boon Edam Limited | Blog | April 2019

A new war has emerged in the 21st century that attacks businesses. Hackers and criminals are often trying to gain access to sensitive information and business networks. If they do breach cybersecurity measures of these businesses, the consequences can be damming. Once a business has been compromised, it often has a negative knock-on effect. Many businesses have had their cybersecurity breached and then customers and clients lose trust in their services. This can materialise into a significant loss of income and can even ruin some businesses completely.

In fact, it was reported that communications giant TalkTalk lost 101,000 customers after being hacked back in 2015. This cost the business millions of pounds and made potential customers look to their competitors. The consequences of becoming a victim of such crimes can be costly to a business, so how do you protect yourself and how can you enhance your cybersecurity? Here are the best ways to protect your business.

White Hats

One way that many businesses counter the threat posed by hackers is to employ them. Many people have gained the same skills as hackers but use them to help businesses rather than try to gather information illegally. These people are known as ethical hackers or sometimes referred to as white hats because cowboys wearing white hats in the older films were always the good guys.

An ethical hacker will try to breach your business’s cybersecurity but without actually taking information or causing disruption. Ultimately, they are testing how robust and secure your cybersecurity currently is to then recommend ways of enhancing it – many of which can be carried out by the white hat themselves.

Ethical hackers can be employed on a full-time basis but a more cost-effective method to take advantage of their services is to employ their service on a project basis at timely intervals.  

Other Cybersecurity Practices

Employing ethical hackers to work on your cybersecurity measures is one of the best ways to ensure that you are implementing the best practices. However, there are many other techniques that businesses can use to prevent the possibility of an attack. Many of these revolve around your internal processes and physical security.

Dealing with Sensitive Information

How your business stores and disposes of physical information is also important. It is best to make staff aware of specific processes that make sure passwords and similar types of information do not get left lying around. This is easily avoided by not writing passwords down or filing away information in locked storage when not in use.

Moreover, when you do dispose of such information it is crucial that they are placed into bins that do not enable criminals to search through them. These type of single-way bins can be found in many establishments such as banks and government buildings as well.

Making Your Entrances Secure

Some brazen criminals will simply try and enter your business to retrieve information to be used in cybercrime. Looking like you belong in a situation is one way of stopping people asking questions, making it less likely that these criminals will be challenged.

However, there are ways that you can ensure that only authorised personnel enter your business and are in contact with sensitive information. Some companies choose to employ a full-time security guard, but this can be a more expensive option over the long term than choosing to implement access-controlled entrances. These entryways can be installed to fit your premises and work by only allowing entry to people with the correct identification.

Updating Business Desktops and Laptops

When business deadlines are looming, it is too easy to click “update later” when prompted by our work desktops and devices. This can materialise, and software can easily be left without being updated for many weeks, or even months. This can result in computer viruses and increase a hacker’s potential to be able to get into your systems and computers. Make a conscious effort to keep on top of updates and make sure your IT department is enforcing such procedures. This will contribute to enhancing your cybersecurity.

Enhance Security with Boon Edam

Boon Edam can offer you unrivalled entrance solutions that optimise your security. This will help you to deter and prevent criminals and also enhance other business processes. Get in touch with us to get your queries answered and to learn more about these effective products.


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