Does Your Retail Entrance Convey The Right Message?

Boon Edam Limited Blog | June 2019

Over the past 10 years, global retail giants and department stores have relied heavily on the branding and messaging that surrounds retail buildings. With large flagship stores providing a physical showcase for their merchandise, it’s key to start the shopping journey off on the right foot, that means providing an eye-catching, locatable yet functional building entrance. However, entrances no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are, must always consider the functionality regarding throughput or usability and security to protect any property within the building.

A Message to Shoppers.

Enhancing footfall into the building can lead to a significant improvement in the overall visitor experience for shoppers. Eye-catching marketing concepts and manifestations located on the façade help to provide brand familiarity to passers by on a high street. However, enticing pedestrians into the building is one thing, but having an entry suitable to deal with large flows of traffic that range from multi flow, prams, luggage and suitable DDA is another consideration.

Department stores and large shops will inevitably experience increased numbers of footfall in a matter of minutes. As always, this can be dependent on location, day of the week and even the time of day.  To accommodate mass shoppers, entrances must be versatile enough to deal with an array of traffic type to alleviate possible congestion. Finding the right balance between design and functionality is key.

Inclusive Entrances.

10 million people are registered as disabled in the UK. This means that it is imperative for retail establishments to consider Dedicated Disabled Access in the design of their entrances. Part M of building regulations state that all service providers are required by the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments to physical features that may put a disabled person at a disadvantage. These regulations ensure that extra features can be placed into the design of an entrance solution to accommodate all, including adjusting the height and width of entrances.

A Message to Criminals.

Sending a positive message to passers by is not the only message that needs to be achieved regarding a retail entrance. When the evening arrives, the purpose of an entrance changes dramatically from enticing to deterring. Entrances can tackle theft in a multitude of ways through simple functionalities and locking down procedures. The physical elements also have a great impact on deterrents, with glass packages being available for customisation, these normally range from shatter proof, to bullet and blast resistant.

Departments stores and retail buildings who may have concerns about merchandise theft can employ functional tactics that can prevent the planning of illegal conduct. Tactics such as employing automatic doors can remove the freedom to leave at a desired speed, essentially controlling the flow in and out of the building better.

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