The Balance of Bespoke Designs & Functionality

In today’s world, consumers are forever seeking distinctive and one-of-a-kind designs. From indoor furniture to external fittings, a notable design feature attracts attention. When facing the fitting of an automated door system, such as revolving doors, turnstiles or speed gates at the entrance of a building, it can be difficult to find a solution that provides individuality. Standard mass-produced entrances, while seemingly quick and cost-effective, demonstrate a lack of identity and originality, and often a lack of flexibility. But how can bespoke door solutions offer a unique impression?

What Does A Bespoke Solution Mean?

Originating from ordered, commissioned and arranged for, bespoke has developed into a word that pursues the unique, and those looking for originality.  Custom-made services have increasingly gained popularity over the previous two decades, as the race for achieving 'different' or 'picture-worthy' products sits at the forefront of many building designs and specifications.   But a bespoke solution doesn't necessarily have to stand out, nor gain attraction, it can enhance or improve something that has the capability of adaptation.   A bespoke solution, in essence, means tailorable, changeable, upgradeable, it's a term that offers an answer no matter the specification or requirement.

The New Age of Originality 

The influence of social media channels such as Instagram has increasingly affected the British public decision-making process, especially now with building design and architecture being subject to 'instagramability' ratings for example.   This has had a profound effect on the way in which people perceive businesses and, increased the competition between the way businesses see other businesses.  So how do we incorporate being competitively photo-ready with functional, yet safe and compliant entrance requirements for clients?     

By offering a tailorable solution for architects, gives them the freedom to express creativity not only in regards to the overall architecture and design of the building but the functional areas too.   Entrance products such as revolving doors have standard safety requirements that must be compliant with UK legal standards, which sometimes isn't the most aesthetically pleasing option.   But when your business or building is located in one of the most sought-after districts in London such as Knightsbridge, standard just will not do.  The Berkeley Hotel, for example, has one of the most customised entrances within the City. A bespoke Crystal Tourniket customised with timber constructed curved walls and a low iron glass doorset which exudes luxury and class, is something truly worth capturing.  It's user experiences like what The Berkeley Hotel offers that lifts the desire for customised solutions around the UK. 

Bespoke Doesn't Mean Expensive or Time-Consuming

Really, it doesn't.  You can reduce any costs or disruptions in operating that often occur with mass-produced door solutions. During the fitting of door products, there can be issues that arise. For example, without the specific measurements of your building, you can face an inaccurate fitting that may ultimately lead to extra costs and valuable time to alter the product. Even without complications such as a product being ill-fitting, mass-produced products can lack the style and sophistication that a bespoke product offers. By utilising the unique style that product delivers, you can provide your building with the opportunity to stand out in comparison to the competition. You can also make the most of the custom features to enhance criteria like security and usability; this could be in the form of biometric scanning, security card access, or other automated additions.

Customised products can be modified to fit any specifications - from colour to measurements. By choosing from various functionality and aesthetic options, a custom-designed entrance becomes distinct in comparison to other options on the market. For example, a customisation element that bespoke services offer is around the aesthetic of the product; this includes the finish, colour, style and size, all of which can result in the product appearing distinct in its appearance. By implementing a made to order solution into a building, with your chosen requirements, it establishes a personality - and offers an accurate representation of a brand or culture for customers, partners, employees, or other people who encounter the building.

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