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Mike Burton Area Sales Manager North - Boon Edam

Meet Mike Burton: Employee Spotlight

Ashford, Kent - 28 January 2021 - Boon Edam Limited, the UK subsidiary of global market leaders Royal Boon Edam International B.V. in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, welcome a new northern representative to their successful sales department. Introducing Mike Burton. We at Boon Edam Limited are starting off the year with technically a ‘new’ sales representative for the north, Mike. Now, you may recognise our new Area Sales Manager and you would be right in thinking that he has a familiar face. We are casting our memories back to 2005, when Mike started his first journey with Boon Edam as a Project Manager for the North. Being part of our Boon family for 11 years, leaving the British subsidiary in 2016, Mike ended his time with us as the ASM for the north. Branding Entrepreneur Meets Technical Expert It has been five years since Boon Edam and Mike Burton parted ways. Being passionate about sales and advertising he decided it was time to begin his own entrepreneurial journey in the world of branding merchandising. Mike said, “I’ve always been incredibly passionate about representation, I think that’s why I dedicated 11 years of my career to Boon Edam previously.” He goes on to explain “Boon Edam have always had a strong brand and industry presence where they encourage field sales teams to be creative within their areas. This enabled me to flourish within advertising myself and I decided to forge my own path.” Our Area Sales Managers and Specification Managers alike are all perfectionists, where an eye for detail and strong relationship building are key skills for the roles. An Easy Welcome Back During his 11 years with Boon Edam, Mike was a strong voice for his region. Starting off as a Project Manager he was involved in an array of projects and worked with some of the UK’s leading companies. This experience provided a solid foundation for his role as an Area Sales Manager for the North. “I missed networking with customers and providing those technical solutions” continues Mike, “You build great relationships with not just the customers but the whole Boon family in the ASM role. I’ve always been proud to work with customers such as Bruntwood, M&S and Manchester Met University, seeing the Boon Edam product base everywhere you go, it definitely enticed me back.” For More Information Mikes area covers all the Northern England territories. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Aesthetic Upgrades for Speed Gates - Boon Edam UK

Boon Edam Limited Launch Bespoke Speed Gate Collection for the UK

January 2021 - Boon Edam Limited, the UK subsidiary of global market leaders Royal Boon Edam International B.V. in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced that they have launched a bespoke UK variation to their medium security portfolio. The ‘No-Nonsense’ Swinging Security Speed Gate: Now Customisable in the UK In 2020 we introduced to the world The Speedlane Compact, an uncomplicated and straightforward security speedgate that would incorporate both functional and aesthetic fundamentals as a standard. As the UK waved goodbye to the beloved 900 range of security turnstiles back in late 2019, there has been great demand in customisable solutions that allow customers the ability to design their perfect security solution once again. We're now proud to announce that a British collection of Speedlane Compacts have been designed, realised from industry demands known as The Speedlane Compact UK a 'Level-up' in aesthetics variant. Now more than ever before, security solutions that are customisable, beautiful and can be integrated with external access control are absolutely key to successful secure building throughput. BEL_News_SocialMedia_Level_Up_OA_GFQuote.png Level-Up in Aesthetics  Keeping the inner functionality of The Speedlane Compact, the overall technological features and options of the new UK variants are as standard. Manufactured with functionality that is easy-to-use, easy-to-install and agile in the manufacturing process are still key benefits of the security speedlane. The difference is that now, within the UK, our customers will be able to 'Level-up' in Aesthetics - terminology that allows standard models of products to be customised by the customer. Designed here within the UK, you can expect a truly local experience with a product that is created within the UK for the UK.   Key Features Choose cabinet length. Choose cabinet height. Selection of cabinet end shapes. Customise cabinet colours. Customise top of cabinet material. Choose your user indication design. Flooring/Mount options. Access control options. SLCompact_UKOnly.png Graeme Firth, Managing Director here at Boon Edam Limited said, “The Speedlane Compact UK variant will allow us to create beautiful custom solutions to our British market once again.”  He goes on to explain, “The departure of the 900 series allowed us to build bespoke models that have the upgraded technological features of the standard Speedlane Compact. And with our many years of knowledge dealing with the bespoke market we have really done our research to create these custom variations.” Premium Designs Created Just for our UK Market. The Speedlane Compact UK is fashioned to fit all areas, making it ideal for high-value real estate properties. It does an effective job within a variety of spaces – relieving security personnel and ensuring that only authorised people can enter the designated area along with its customised aesthetics. There is now no need to compromise on design. “The new designs really do speak to our market” continues Graeme “Levelling up in Aesthetics speaks to not only our Dutch brand of 'One Boon' but it allows us within the UK to thrive in an environment where customisability is key”. More information and brochures can be viewed here.

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Touchless Buttons Introduced in the latest Revolving Door Retrofit Package

This November, Boon Edam introduced a new touchless button retrofit package suitable for all their automated revolving door models. With the Coronavirus having a lasting impact on the behaviour of people interacting with products in public environments, and the emphasis on health and safety – there is a responsibility to cater to these changing global demands. Automatic revolving doors are excellent examples of naturally touchless entrance solutions, using advanced approach and safety sensors to begin moving without the need to touch the door’s surface. However, contact was previously still required when function such as enabling the disabled (slow) mode or the free-out for secured passage mode (TL360N). Replacing Common Push-Buttons The new retrofit package replaces existing push-buttons with infrared sensors that can detect the presence of hands and objects at a close range of ca 12 cm. A simple wave of the user’s hand is enough to activate the necessary door function and feedback is given to the user via a LED ring. The solution is ideal for revolving doors in the most vulnerable segments such as hospitals, elderly homes and large residential buildings. Working Principle The working principle of the touchless buttons is simple, and the LED ring colour is configurable (red/green) to suit different applications. From a user interaction standpoint, we advise using a permanently lit green LED in the rest position and blinking after activation. A hand-waving symbol was added to the bezel to indicate that it is a touchless operation. The retrofit package consists of premium quality buttons with clear symbols (as shown above), connectors and a sticker with the International Accessibility symbol.    Video of Touchless Disabled Button | Boon Edam    Boon Edam’s retrofit packages update the technology of your entry, and the touchless buttons are available now through your local Entry Expert.

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